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5 Fears You Can Destroy Today To Become A Kickass Blogger

By Yaara Lancet on 19th October, 2013 | Social Media, Wordpress & Blogging Tips |  No Comments

Can you are writing a blog? Without knowing you, I can tell you the fact is probably yes.

Ever since their debut at the beginning of the millennium, blogs are already an integral part of what we consider as “the Internet”. Starting as a simple method to record and share your opinions and experiences, blogs have developed into something much bigger: a full-blown option to printed newspapers and magazines.

Unlike newspapers, though, absolutely anyone can write your blog. Yes, even you. It takes almost no effort to setup your own blog, as soon as you do, you’re still having the really easy part: writing it. Think you can’t? Continue reading. When you’re done, consider again.

Why Should I Even Blog?


Well, in case you have absolutely no curiosity about writing anything, you may shouldn’t. If you’re reading this article, though, it is likely you do. Everyone has something to state, and almost anything you have to express can benefit someone.

What do you need to do for a living? Are there many blogs out there that handle this field? Whether you’re an auto mechanic, an automobile dealer, a florist, or even a programmer, there’s room for your blog about your profession. What’s more, your industry will manage to benefit from this - sharing ideas with the community can contribute greatly for your field.

This holds true for hobbies too. Love wood working? Horseback riding? Puzzle solving? Politics? No matter what it is you are doing, there’s a vast community available that shares your interests, and just like you can study from them, they are able to learn from you. Blogs and forums are portion of what makes a community alive, and being a fundamental element of your community will benefit both you and the other members.

You don’t need to sit on the sidelines. You can take a dynamic role and show others that which you know. All you ought to do is kick these fears aside.

I’m Not A Good Enough Writer

That would be the case, but there’s only one way to become a good writer: writing. If you think all the famous bloggers on the market were incredible writers the minute they opened their first blog, you’re wrong. Take your chosen blog and try rediscovering the reassurance of the very first posts. Are they nearly as good, as polished because the newer ones?

It’s true that you may well not become super successful providing your writing just isn't very good. You’d be surprised, however, at how little a lot of people care about a blunder here and there so long as you keep providing  intriquing, notable and useful information. If your chosen subject is a visual one, you may not be required to write a great deal, in which case your audience might not even notice an error here and there.

You should, obviously, focus on getting better. Listen to comments, read other blogs, whilst writing - your abilities will improve along the way.

No One Cares About What I Have To Say


The biggest fear (or excuse) any budding blogger has is that no one would read their blog. And you know very well what? In the beginning, no person will. Unlike writing for any big established blog or perhaps a newspaper, starting your own blog will not get you instant exposure. But that doesn’t mean no-one cares about that which you have to state. It only means no-one knows you’re saying it yet.

The same rule applies here: providing you keep providing intriguing and useful information, no matter that which you’re writing about, someone is going to value it. After all, the Web is filled with blogs about anything from like a waiter to Dr. Who. Somebody’s reading them.

If you’re considering writing your own blog, let your mates know about it. If whatever you have to express is interesting only in your family and friends, you have your readers immediately. If it’s interesting to others also, friends and family will start sharing your posts and things will get rolling after that. If you’re talking about a certain subject, start connecting online websites in the same community and suggest to them your blog as a way of sharing ideas.

The most significant thing is usually to keep going. No new blog is prosperous overnight. If you quit after a week or a month, don’t expect much. You must keep at it. If you’re providing good content, someone will make out the print.

What’s So Special About Me?

What’s so special about me? Why are you reading this post at this time? You’re not doing the work because I’m special. You’re doing the work because this post is online. Were you to write something I was enthusiastic about, I would apt to be reading your post at this time.

So the short answer to this question is: nothing. And yet, you’re the sole you out there. You’re the just one with this exact mixture of knowledge, expertise, opinions and thoughts. Yes, the really big names are actually big for a reason - they know so much about their field, it is a privilege to learn from their website. But believe me, even Seth Godin just isn't the only person in the world you never know what he knows. He’s just the only 1 sharing it in just that way.

Have something to publish about? It’s already special enough. So why not do it?

I Might Make Mistakes


Yes, you could. And everyone brings about. It doesn’t kill you. I’ve made mistakes. I’m still here. Yes, it could be embarrassing, but provided that you don’t cause them to become in every single post (and if you do, you might like to switch to a subject matter you know more about - there’s bound to be one), and provided that you learn from their store and don’t get angry and resent people that correct you, you’ll be fine.

Besides, don't assume all blog is around conveying information to others. If you don’t feel like an expert in anything, just start talking about your personal experiences and thoughts. Who knows, you could possibly actually gain that expertise on the way.

People Will Attack Me In The Comments

If people attack you, they ought to be reading your blog post. And you know what? That’s a very important thing. If individuals are reading your site, there’s absolutely no way around angry and hurtful comments. They will come. And at first, they’ll get to you. They’ll cause you to doubt yourself. They’ll cause you to be sad. They’ll make you want to quit writing. But you won’t.

The first rule about Internet trolls: ignore them. It’s also the other, third and fourth rule. Don’t argue together. Don’t let them reach you. The more of such comments you obtain, the easier it will become. And don’t forget, comments mean you've an audience. And for every troll that comments, you can likely find 50 other readers who don’t. Enjoy it!

If you’re creating a really hard time with trolls, we’ve assembled an entire toolkit for dealing using them. It comes in three parts: part 1, part 2, part 3. Use it.

Are You Ready?

Ready to get rid of your fears? It’s time to set up your own blog. Whether you choose to self-host your website or select an easier solution including WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr, you could be done in almost no time. If you’ve decided to set up your site following this post, I would wish to get a hyperlink to it once it’s ready.

And don’t forget: do that which you’re good at and doing it. Results will observe.

Have you been considering setting up your personal blog? What’s been stopping you? What fears did you need to conquer to start your own blog? Share your opinions below.

Image credit: Wesley Fryer, Why Blog image via Shutterstock, Thomas Hawk, Auntie P

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