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Why Rankings Are Less Important

rankingsYou ask any marketer what SEO is around and he will answer ranking # 1 on Google search engine results. This is the general concept that numerous people have, however that's not the case. Every marketer strives to create his brand stronger and possess an online presence. Ranking top rated doesn’t mean that your sales will increase. Google is a smart search engine; it looks for your brand and online presence. Google also puts focus on making your website more intriquing, notable and engaging so you attract more traffic.

When offering SEO services don’t set your clients up for false expectations. If your customer doesn’t care for a strong online presence but only for your ranking then take my word because of it your relationship with him won’t last long.

I 'm going to discuss some of the reasons why rankings don’t have similar significance while they usually did in the past.

Personalized Search Results

Google is continuously improving its internet search engine. Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said at the Mobile World Congress, ”Google search will continue to become more personalized, leaving the ‘10 link’ approach that we see in search engine results today.”

In today’s world, you don’t just create a website you build a brand. Google has averted through the standardized approach and today focuses upon your web presence and brand. The personalization of the serp's acts inside interest of websites with quality content and who strategically deliver it. The recent changes Google has created includes tracing your previous search engine results to develop a, utilizing your current location to provide you with results from the product or service nearest for your requirements and it also ranks the hyperlinks you have visited many times before higher . Personalized listings are a blessing for marketers who use honest approaches to create their brand as an alternative to resorting to black hat SEO techniques.

Continuous Google Updates

As I mentioned earlier that Google is constantly improving upon itself to provide better quality and relevant search results to its users. For this purpose it's changing its algorithms which some see as a threat to SEO. These continuous updates are warning those who use wicked approaches to get on top.

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates worked to eliminated bad quality content and stop over-optimized websites ranking well, respectively. The Panda update affected 12 percent of the internet search engine results and majorly impacted the SEO industry. The Penguin update lowered those websites rankings which resorted to black hat techniques. This demonstrates if you are obsessed over ranking first and want it done quick there is absolutely no guarantee you are going to stay on the most notable for a time period that will make a change to your business.

Decision Making Process

I once read a write-up which stated that the singular focus which helps you in attracting customers on the internet and simplifying your decision making process is SEO = solving problems. 

One in the most vital components from the decision making process is which SEO firm to hire? Some big corporations underestimate the strength of SEO and don’t need to outsource SEO services and depend on specialized in-house services. They don’t look at the potential cost of doing SEO wrong and sometimes outsourcing is cheaper as opposed to hiring people for in-house functions. When choosing a SEO company don’t fall within the trap from the one which promises you a lot more than possible or sets you up for fall expectations. Choose the one which is upfront concerning the length of time it can be going to take , which doesn’t offer any guarantee ( with Google updating usually guarantee is not possible) and which doesn’t reel you in to sign in a permanent contract exceeding annually.

Community Development

The SEO community is strong and always willing to share their knowledge. One of the reasons SEO has produced it this big is simply because we have entry to a lot of information. SEO comes with an ever-changing landscape and now we need to update ourselves frequently. The best SEO strategy is sharing knowing about it, stories and experiences using the SEO community. You share your story while others will comment how it benefited them or they will often point out what mistakes you create. There is always room for improvement.

Website owners need to identify the pages which attract the most traffic the ones which attract the very least. And look for logic behind why they have the cheapest and highest bounce rates. Always obsessing over rankings won’t do you and your business a bit of good.

About the Author:

Roy is a search strategist as well as a passionate bloggers works well with eBrands. We are one in the leading SEO Company in India.

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