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What Does a Google Business Photographer Do?

Have you ever wondered what it’s enjoy being a photographer for Google’s new street view ventures inside buildings? Photographers across the world are working to generate 360 degree imagery that allows anyone with an Internet connection to get an armchair traveler. Now expanding Street View to include the insides of business and monuments, Google is trying to find independent photographers to work with companies that need to show off their spaces.

Jeremy Powlus photographs the interiors of offices, retail establishments, and car dealerships for Google Business Photos. Learn more about what he does by watching the following video:

Though Google approves a number of camera bodies, Powlus uses his Canon 7D for his shoots. The crop sensor produces just a small amount of vignetting, so he throws away a lesser amount of the image than he would if he used a camera which has a full frame sensor.

The camera is affixed to your regular tripod with a specialty mount which is centered on the focal point. This eliminates perspective shift between shots that will make post-process stitching more challenging. An extremely wide angle 8mm lens can be used to provide a 180 degree field of view that can cause the signature panoramas utilised by Google Maps.



Powlus works together with business owners and uses his or her own creativity to choose the points of interest inside a business. For each priority, he takes 12 photos-three bracketed photos for each 90 degree increment. Software is then used to blend the pictures together using a semi-HDR effect. Each hour of shooting leads to two to three hours of post-processing and uploading.


Panoramic photography requires one impressive equipment and plenty of patience. It not merely takes mastery of the camera but additionally a good knowledge of post-processing methods. Powlus is truly one of many Google Business Photographers making use of their technical and inventive photography skills to produce more of the world visible to everyone.

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