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Using Off-Camera Flash with Mirrorless Cameras

If you’re hunting for a great off-camera flash tutorial, look no further. Whether you use a mirrorless camera or otherwise, photographer Joe Brady will provide you with a run down on everything strobe related: single flash, multiple flash, light meters, camera settings for flash, high-key lighting, low-key lighting, you name it. Not only does Brady concisely explain everything while using a model and strobes to provide you with a clear visual, but between each of his mini-tutorial shoots younger crowd does a Q&A session. This helps answer plenty of questions about the apparatus, settings, and causes of the techniques:

Lighting Tools That Can Add to Your Images:

  • Reflector - A reflector is a superb tool for utilizing with either natural or artificial light. Whether you use it to bounce light and highlight your subject, or simply to add shadows, a reflector is usually a great low-cost investment. They also can be found in many different colors and finishes that affect large and quantity of light they reflect.

  • Light Meter - A light meter is not necessary for making use of strobes, nonetheless it can help get some of the guesswork. They may seem a little complicated to start with, but once you recognize how they push the button can make your shooting much more efficient.

  • Umbrella - Umbrellas will help spread light over your subject and make up a much softer light since it’s reflected instead of direct.

  • Gels - These little bits of plastic appear in a variety of colors, letting you create warmer or cooler tones inside your images, or create dramatic colored highlights.

  • Snoot - There are many attachments that one could add to your flash to get a new light it creates. One of these is termed a snoot which is a long cylindrical or rectangular tube that permits you to create a spot of light and lower the level of light spillage.

mirrorless camera strobe flash tutorial

Brady explains the best way to create high-key lighting

Background is another important element to keep in mind when shooting with strobes. Some factors that you should consider when selecting a background will be the texture, color, whether you’ll be lighting the background, and how well your subject will be separated from the history.

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