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Telling the Full Stories of War: Conflict Photojournalism

From June 29th through September 29th, the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. is showing the exhibit, War Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath. The gallery contains over 200 photographs from dozens of photojournalists and covers wars from 1846 to 2012. In this video, ReasonTV interviews photojournalist Michael Kamber in the exhibit about his recent book and the thing it the Iraq war:

What’s interesting about this gallery is that it doesn’t focus solely on the armed conflicts themselves, but shows the events surrounding them. Here are some in the other things how the exhibit shows:

  • Soldiers’ Free Time - Soldiers usually are not always fighting 24/7. Many of them have a very lot of downtime among missions and conflicts. Some photos show the lighter moments of the soldiers’ daily lives.

  • The Other Side - Americans are not the only soldiers inside war. Many from the images in the gallery show soldiers America has fought with or against and provides a bit of their perspective.

  • Families and Children - The soldiers usually are not the only ones affected by war. Their wives, children, and also other family members are heavily affected as well.

  • The Environment - War is not only just about surviving bullets and bombs. The environment also requires a heavy toll on everyone who is involved inside the war. The heat, cold, humidity, bugs, and lack of food and water are all possible factors to deal with during armed conflicts.

war photography iraq exhibit corcoran art gallery

The exhibition also shows some in the lighter sides of war

war photography iraq exhibit corcoran art gallery

Some images show the other side with the war, not merely the American side

war photography iraq exhibit corcoran art gallery

Photographs showing the landscape and other environmental elements from the wars

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