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Technophilia 77 Live From MakeUseOf

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  • August 21, 2013

  • By Dave LeClair

Technophilia 77 Live From MakeUseOf

This week: outages! The New York Times, The Washington Post were both down all night last week, but we didn’t anxiety until Google occurred. For five minutes. Also, Instagram tries to protect their only valuable piece of intellectual property: their name. And the future of the XBone is apparently 5 or six games you can actually get for that Mac.

The show is hosted from the illustrious Justin Pot along with his sidekicks Dave LeClair and James Bruce. We do it every Wednesday at 11am EDT. Kick back, relax, and like the ride.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Bitdefender Windows 8 Security. Bitdefender Windows 8 Security is the first internet security solution specifically designed for your new Windows 8 operating-system. It holds four important features committed to Windows 8 Online Safety:

  • Early Start-up Scanner

  • Proactive App Scanner

  • Scan Boost Technology

  • Security Info

Tech News

  • Rival gangs in London are utilizing to rile the other person up.

  • Instagram tell developers to avoid using INSTA or GRAM in their name.

  • UKs GCHQ orders Guardian to destroy hard disks after detaining reporters boyfriend for 9 hours.

  • Windows 8 banned from benchmarking site as a result of dodgy internal clock.

  • Google goes down for five minutes, lowers website traffic by 40 per cent.

  • The New York Times was down during our show the other day - company calls the situation internal. The next day the Washington Post hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.

  • British library blocks “Hamlet” because violence.

  • Steve Wozniak comments on the new Jobs movie.

  • Microsofts QR code service shuts down. No one is scanning anything. Huzzah.

Gaming News

  • Half of men who makes $100,000 or maybe more are gamers.

  • Games for Windows Live (the Windows equivalent of Xbox Live) full service shutdown July 2014.


  • PS4 Release Date revealed.

And keep in mind, we now have plenty of interesting stories and feedback distributed to us by our beloved (albeit somewhat crazy) fans.

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Dave LeClair

Dave LeClair (Twitter), has been writing reviews of iOS games for decades, and is particularly a big time gamer on Xbox [websterrjh]. You can watch Dave play DOTA 2 on his Twitch stream @

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