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System Building with APL + WIN

System Building with APL + WIN By Ajay Askoolum
2006 | 514 Pages | ISBN: 0470030208 | PDF | 6 MB

Software modernisation or re-engineering as a concept lacks universal clarity. System Building with APL + Win seeks to clarify this concern by identifying the solution to the long term survival of the APL application as the elimination of APL specific considerations inside choice of a development tool. The author shows the best way to deploy mainstream industry standard system components inside an APL + Win development environment, enabling the APL application to get just like any application on the Windows platform.

Demonstrates the ability and agility of APL + Win in today’s procedure for system building
Features a ‘code intensive’ approach, which overcomes having less APL+Win specific documentation of system components
Illustrates the potential for multi-language system building from an APL+Win environment
Explains how enhancing the collaborative nature of APL will enable it to become an even more valuable tool for content management

System Building with APL + Win gives an excellent resource for system developers and training providers using the software, along with MS Office users who would like to incorporate it into a bespoke database integration. It will also be the interest to users of other APL interpreters.

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