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Surf Photographer Captures “A Perfect Moment”

Zak Noyle, a world class surf photographer, has produced his approach to into our hearts already, along with the photograph below only proves why. His photographic eye doesn’t fail him, even though faced with the most dangerous surf breaks known to man. Taken while you're on a surf day at Teahupoo, Tahiti to film a documentary on himself, Noyle was able to capture this stunning image of surfer, Christian Redongo, which ended up earning Noyle the duvet of Surfer Magazine and a their Photograph of the Year award:

surf photography

“A Perfect Day” Via SurferMag (Click for Larger Size)

Noyle shoots having a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, that is housed in the safe water-proof housing. The housing carries a small pole that come with it to serve as a handle of sorts, making the rig more manageable while swimming in the ocean.

“ It wasn’t huge, but I saw that rainbow forming. I was shooting fisheye, and I was quite close in, so I type of kicked back toward the channel and framed it up like that. It was only a quick moment, it only lasted for just two waves, and it just were a setup.”

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