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Slow Motion Photobooth Making Waves in the Wedding Photography Industry

At major events for example birthdays, weddings or christenings, it’s fast becoming a staple to discover a photobooth or at least a designated picture-taking area for guests to enjoy. Not only is it very Facebook-friendly, in addition, it doubles being a guestbook for your celebrant/s to take a look back on. In the case of this wedding, an organization called sfst invented the concept of a ‘slow motion booth’. The title is self-explanatory, but is the most suitable appreciated within the video below:

The video was shot at 160 fps having a RED Epic camera. “We didn’t have sufficient lights to really push it to 300 fps,” says an insider to some curious commenter. Also included within the setup really are a monitor, 4 LED lights (Konova 900 LED with vmount), a white backdrop lastly just a few props.

men slapping each other
woman throwing water
man blowing bubbles
Some color correction was over in post, but for your most part, the ‘clean’ look was achieved in-camera.

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