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Sass and Compass for Designers

Ben Frain, “Sass and Compass for Designers”
2013 | ISBN-10: 1849694540 | 274 pages | PDF | 6,7 MB

Produce and gaze after cross-browser CSS files easier than ever before using the Sass CSS preprocessor and its companion authoring framework, Compass

Simple, clear, and thorough. This book means you don’t need to be a programming mastermind to wield the potency of Sass and Compass!
Previously tricky and time-consuming CSS tasks will become trivial. Easily produce cross-browser CSS3 gradients, shadows, and transformations along with image sprites, data URIs, and more.
Follow in addition to installing, setting up, and through an entire project, implementing the Sass and Compass techniques and tools as we go.

In Detail

The CSS preprocessor, Sass, is starting to become the de-facto standard for producing cross-browser CSS more maintainable along with more ease. It supercharges CSS with features which make previously difficult and time-consuming tasks trivial. This book is focused on distilling the strategy in a straightforward manner rendering it accessible to all, even to those that only know HTML and CSS.

Written with the author from the bestselling “Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3″, Sass and Compass for Designers will explain everything you need to get Sass and Compass installed, mastered, and making life easier. There will be no perplexing terminology or baffling syntax left unexplained. We’ll get you set up and after that build a site together, in depth, while using the incredible power of Sass and Compass.

We begins with a completely unstyled HTML document and create a responsive Sass and Compass powered website in depth.

Sass and Compass make CSS easy. You’ll learn to manipulate color in the stylesheet which has a single command, create responsive grids effortlessly, automatically create image sprites, and build CSS3 powered rules that really work across all modern browsers.

“Sass and Compass for Designers” explains how to produce great CSS increasingly simple before.

What become familiar with from this book
Install Sass and Compass on your system and after that set up and maintain Sass and Compass powered projects!
Learn how to easily manipulate colors; tinting, shading, mixing, and complementing existing colors inside your stylesheets turns into a cinch.
Make your individual responsive CSS-based layout grid that scales across any viewport with no extra markup needed.
Create media query-based CSS rules alongside existing styles, making responsive website building simpler.
Explore Compass’s many helpers and tools. You’ll learn to embed images and fonts and produce advanced cross-browser CSS3.
Create perfect image sprites with Compass in moments.
Learn how to create loops with Sass to automate repetitive CSS tasks.
Understand the best way to compartmentalize code, making your CSS more maintainable, understandable, and modular than ever before.




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