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Rhonna Designs Offers One Of The Most Complete Photo Editing Solutions On iOS

The word ‘unique’ can often be thrown around quite liberally with regards to photo apps for iOS, but once in a while while, there exists bound to be an app that really deserves to be called that. Rhonna Designs might 't be the most feature-rich photo editor on the market, also it doesn’t possess the novel approach how the likes of layrs and HelloLab boast, though the app is different owing to the content it offers inside its seemingly ordinary menus. The photo filters, adjustment options, frames, and fonts are already handpicked by the app’s developer, and the finesse in their choice clearly shows. Rhonna Designs isn’t all fun and games though, as several of its features are enough to offer any serious photo editor a run for its money. You can apply masks in your photos, and also make use from the layered photo editing support.

Rhonna Designs iOS Home Rhonna Designs iOS Albums

Rhonna Designs does not require any account to work, which is ready to be harnessed for soon as you launch it the very first time. The main welcome screen displays an animated grid of photos constructed with the app. You can tap all of these images to look at them on Instagram, or visit the photographer’s profile.

To get started with editing a photo in Rhonna Designs, you can load a photo from one with the albums inside your device, or shoot another one using the camera option. Apart from the photos you currently have, it's also possible to choose one in the background designs Rhonna offers, and place different elements on top of it.

Rhonna Designs iOS Options Rhonna Designs iOS Packs Rhonna Designs iOS Text

The Rhonna Designs editing screen might appear a little complicated, though the app keeps identifying graphical instructions to help users along. For starters, hit the icon inside the top-right corner to gain access to options like ‘Crop’, ‘Filters’, ‘Mask’, etc. When you are satisfied with the background, it’s time for you to start placing different items and designs on top of it. This might be done through the menu available in the left-hand pane. The available ‘Design Packs’ include fonts, shapes, symbols, typography etc., and many items can be colorized with all the bar offered across the design list. To adjust the object’s size and orientation, contain the dot in the frame’s bottom-right corner and drag it around. The ‘+’ button permits you to add new designs on different layers with the image. Each layer can be edited separately, because of the ‘Design Options’ available in the right-hand pane. You can drop shadows, draw outlines, select transparency levels, or maybe tinker with other basic aspects from the photo.

Images made up of Rhonna Designs may be saved to the camera roll, or shared over Instagram using the suggested tags if you would like them to be featured on the app’s main screen. This pretty neat universal app can be obtained as a free download, though you’ll need to dish out $0.99 to unlock some additional features it gives you.

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