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Reduce Dock Clutter in Mac With This Simple Trick

If you make payment for attention to the dock in Mac, you will notice that it is split up into two sections - the left, containing the app launchers, as well as the right made up of the trash bin as well as the stacks. By default, when you minimize an app window, it will minimize itself right section from the dock, instead of its own app icon for the left. If you minimize several windows simultaneously, this will quickly clutter in the dock making it very messy.


There can be a way to slow up the dock clutter. Open the System Preferences and visit the Dock section. Check the box beside “Minimize windows into application icon”.


That’s it. Now, whenever you minimize of the question, it'll minimize to its app icon, rather than taking an area in the right side from the dock. To relaunch the job, you just have to click the app icon, or right click on it to select the window (for those who have multiple windows of the same app minimized).

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