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Photography Contracts & Releases to Protect You as a Photographer

As with running any organization, there is always the risk of legal issues arising. One common occurrence may be the loss of images as a result of card malfunction. A client that has their images lost can spell big legal trouble. If you aren't protected such as with a photography contract, clients might have the legal authority to come after your money and even personal assets. We were capable to arrange a 70% discount until next friday on these photography contract templates that may be easily customized in your photography business, simply make sure you use the discount code PICTURECORRECT at checkout, found here: Ultimate Photography Contracts Bundle

Bundle of Contract & Release Templates for Photography Businesses

Bundle of Contract & Release Templates for Photography Businesses

What about clients who misuse your images? Or, if industry is not properly informed or your documents aren't worded properly, they've the power to use your images nevertheless they like.

Did you know without the proper signed model release, a customer can dispute your utilization of their image on the website, blog, or Facebook page? Or even the way you edit their image?

Are you legally protected in the event that something like this happens for a business?

If you aren't currently by using a photography contract, model release, or possibly a print release, you happen to be putting your small business at risk which may be prevented easily. Why take that chance? This company has created it all to easy to protect yourself completely.

Protecting Photography Businesses from Liability:

  • Attorney-written and cover common and uncommon legal issues or situations that could arise while managing a photography business.

  • Fully customizable using your company’s information and client’s information, along with a “drag and drop” box for your logo.

  • Available in Word Format and as a PDF, with separate documents for submitting in-person and electronically.

  • Cover your legal “bases” absolutely protect your photography business!

Not to note the fact that you will be saving yourself big money if you were to check out an attorney and obtain these legal documents written up for your organization.

photography contracts

Easily customized to most photography businesses

Document/Templates one of them bundle:

  • General Model Release

  • Minor Model Release

  • Portrait Photography Contract

  • Wedding Photography Contract

  • Print Release

How to Get a Discounted Copy This Week:

Our readers can receive 70% off until Friday, August 30 by using the discount code PICTURECORRECT at checkout. After purchase, the documents can just be downloaded and arrive in a number of folders and word documents along having a PDF with tips about how to best use them.

It are available here: Ultimate Legal Document Bundle for Photographers

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