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Microcontroller Programming: An Introduction

Microcontroller Programming: An Introduction By Syed R. Rizvi
2011 | 546 Pages | ISBN: 1439850771 | PDF | 16 MB

Microcontroller Programming: An Introduction is a comprehensive one-stop resource that covers the concepts, principles, solution development, and associated techniques linked to microcontroller-based systems. Focusing on sun and rain and options that come with the popular and powerful Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller IC as a representative example, this book is unlike others, which can be too broad in scope, delving into every topic of interest regarding microcontroller programmers. Instead, this text specializes in design, architecture, and development, giving developers the various tools to develop solid, effective embedded applications.
Packaged with helpful examples, projects, and illustrations, this book gives an in-depth assessment of microcontroller design programming both in assembly and C. By illustrating the relatively sophisticated 8-bit 68HC11 microcontroller, the author-who is often a consultant for NASA-provides a firsthand exploration and illustration showing the languages, tools, and techniques necessary to build embedded applications. Readers will then apply their newly acquired skills to program other 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers.
For readers who want to do not only scrape the outer lining, this book is an enjoyable and immensely beneficial tool to assist them to cultivate a deeper comprehension of microcontroller-based content management. An extensive supplements package can be obtained free of charge to instructors who utilize book to get a course.




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