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Lynda – Up and Running with Micro Four-Thirds Cameras




Authors: Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington Subject: Photography, Cameras + Gear Level: Beginner | Duration: 2h 31m | Released date: Aug 20, 2013 Homepage:

The micro four-thirds sensor format is enabling a new generation of cameras that combine compact size with DSLR-like features, including interchangeable lenses. In this course, Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne introduce the micro four-thirds format, detailing its pros and cons for both photography and video, offering buying advice, and sharing tricks for getting the ideal results when shooting using a micro four-thirds camera. This course was developed and made by Rich Harrington. We are honored to host these content articles in our library.
Topics include:

  • What will be the micro four-thirds format?

  • Understanding advantages and disadvantages of micro four-thirds

  • Choosing a micro four-thirds body

  • Choosing the top lens

  • Using image stabilization

  • Improving your audio

  • Shooting a 360-degree panorama using a micro four-thirds

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  • Introduction

    • Welcome

  • 1. What Is Micro Four-Thirds?

    • The origin of the format

    • How a micro-four thirds camera differs from a DSLR

    • How and why mirrorless cameras are special

    • Micro four-thirds camera accessories

  • 2. Advantages of Micro Four-Thirds

    • The cost benefit of micro four-thirds

    • Stealth shooting with micro four-thirds

    • Lightweight as well as simple to transport

    • Extending your reach with a 2x crop factor

    • Shooting with great depth of field

    • Better in-camera JPEG quality

  • 3. Disadvantages of Micro Four-Thirds

    • A smaller sensor means more noise

    • The challenge of auto focus

    • Getting used to an electronic viewfinder

    • Why life of the battery is shorter

  • 4. Choosing a Micro Four-Thirds Camera Body

    • Setting your financial budget for your camera

    • Pay care about ergonomics

    • Matching your shooting style for the camera

    • Consider existing gear when scouting for a system

    • How long are you wanting the camera body to last?

    • Do your friends shoot on micro four-thirds cameras?

  • 5. Selecting Micro Four-Thirds Lenses

    • Adapting lenses you already own

    • Choosing cross-compatible lenses

    • Should you choose primes or zooms?

    • What about "pro" lenses?

    • Selecting a telephoto lens

    • Using a telephoto lens

    • Selecting a portrait lens

    • Using a portrait lens

    • Selecting a wide-angle lens

    • Using a wide-angle lens

    • Specialty lens choices

    • How to soundly change a lens

    • Maintenance tips for micro four-thirds lenses

  • 6. Micro Four-Thirds Camera Tech Essentials

    • Micro four-thirds camera menus to regulate for Olympus shooters

    • Micro four-thirds camera menus to modify for Panasonic shooters

    • Understand auto focus

    • The exposure triangle

    • The exposure triangle in play

    • Using image stabilization for sharper photos

    • Creative looks with in-camera filters

    • Updating

  • 7. Shooting Video with a Micro Four-Thirds Camera

    • Why shoot video over a micro four-thirds camera?

    • Choosing the most effective lenses for video

    • The video exposure triangle

    • Improving your audio with a micro four-thirds camera

    • Setting your record choices on an Olympus micro four-thirds camera

    • Setting your record options over a Panasonic micro four-thirds camera

    • Getting stable shots when shooting video

  • Conclusion

    • Micro Four-Thirds web resources

    • Next steps

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