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Lynda – Up and Running with Canvas




Author: Aaron Quigley Subject: Business, Elearning, Teacher Tools Software: Canvas Level: Appropriate for all | Duration: 1h 48m | Released date: Aug 27, 2013 Homepage:

In this program, author and educator Aaron Quigley shows you how to get up and running with Canvas, the open-source learning management system (LMS) for K-12 and better ed classrooms. Learn how to build your teacher profile, build a class, add assignments and quizzes, utilize the calendar, add rubrics and learning outcomes, and rehearse SpeedGrader to streamline the grading process. Plus, figure out how to reinforce collaboration with online discussions and access your class on the run with Canvas for iOS.
Topics include:

  • What is a LMS?

  • Setting up a tutor account

  • Creating the course and syllabus

  • Adding a grading profile

  • Creating assignments and quizzes

  • Building test question banks

  • Duplicating a training course

  • Working with modules

  • Adding students, teaching assistants, and collaborators

  • Communicating with students

  • Grading assignments and quizzes

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  • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • Using the exercise files

    • An summary of learning management systems

    • Preview a Canvas course: Orange Valley Life Science

  • 1. Getting Started with Canvas

    • Setting up a teacher account

    • Navigating the layout

    • Finishing the teacher profile

  • 2. Creating a Course

    • Creating the course and setting basic features

    • Setting homepage options

    • Adding a grading profile

    • Setting the course syllabus

    • Creating a web-based document library

  • 3. Adding Assignments and Quizzes

    • Creating assignment groups

    • Creating assignments

    • Creating quizzes

    • Uploading a quiz

    • Creating test question banks

    • Creating a graded group discussion

  • 4. Using Course Management Tools

    • Duplicating a training course

    • Creating modules

    • Adding rubrics

    • Setting learning outcomes

  • 5. Administering the Course

    • Using the course calendar

    • Adding students

    • Adding teaching assistants and collaborators

    • Modifying student navigation menus

    • Publishing the course

    • Communicating with students

    • Using Canvas for iOS

  • 6. Exploring Grading Tools

    • Using built-in grading tools

    • Using SpeedGrader

    • Using SpeedGrader for iOS

    • Enhancing Canvas with apps

  • Conclusion

    • Next steps

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