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Lynda – Foundations of Color




Author: Mary Jane Begin Subject: Design, Color, Design Skills Level: Beginner | Duration: 1h 57m | Released date: Aug 20, 2013 Homepage:

Color is often a fundamental element of our lives. Understanding how to apply it visual communication in several contexts is important for designers and artists. This course is about learning how to use color, not just in create more potent designs, but additionally to tell a story. Illustrator, professor, and author Mary Jane Begin explains how color intertwines with brand identity, the actual way it affects the climate of a piece and directs the viewer's awareness of areas of interest, and how it can connect images or create space between elements. She removes the mystery surrounding the color wheel and color relationships; shows how you can layer, mix, and digitally alter color; and employ light to integrate temperature, translucency, and contrast. These lessons are applicable to a number of fields, including graphic design, photography, and illustration, and both traditional and digital media. Dive in and get a fresh take a look at color which is sure to revitalize your creativity along with your work.
Topics include:

  • Understanding why color is vital for you just as one artist, designer, or individual

  • Storytelling with color

  • Understanding brand identity and color language

  • Reviewing a brief history of color usage, from print to digital

  • Working with all the color wheel

  • Understanding value, saturation, and temperature

  • Seeing through color: opaque, translucent, and transparent

  • Creating contrast

  • Exploring depth of field

  • Seeing complementary relationships in light

  • Achieving harmony and discord in the palette

  • Understanding color blindness

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  • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • Traditional media to digital: The long and winding road of color

    • Exercise files

  • 1. How Color Shapes Meaning

    • Introduction: How color shapes meaning

    • Universal, cultural, and symbols of color

    • Concepts explained

    • Brand identity and language

    • Sequence and pattern

  • 2. The Color Wheel

    • What may be the color wheel?

    • Primary colors, primary concerns

    • Playing with complementary colors

    • Tertiary colors: The basics of brown and gray

  • 3. The Elements of Color

    • An summary of elements

    • Value is not a moral judgment

    • Saturation to neutralization

    • Temperature: How hot is hot?

    • Textures, marks, dashes, and dots

    • Seeing through color: Opaque, translucent, and transparent

  • 4. Contrast

    • What is contrast?

    • Creating focus: Living for the edge

    • Creating the readable image

    • Connecting contrast with content

  • 5. Color and Light

    • Illuminating light

    • The effect of contrast in light

    • Value and saturation

    • On temperature

    • On complements

    • Secondary and reflected light

    • RGB vs. CMYK

  • 6. Palettes

    • An review of palettes

    • Limited palettes: A harmonious color palette

    • Harmony and discord

    • Unifying color grounds

    • Unifying glazes and layers

    • Charting a color family

  • 7. Color Shape, Texture, and Context

    • Balance of shapes: How much is too much?

    • Weaving textural color

    • Color in context

    • Color blindness

    • Challenge: Deconstructing color

    • Solution: Demo of deconstructing color

  • Next Steps

    • Conclusion

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