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Lynda – Building Your Professional Network




Author: Dave Crenshaw Subject: Business, Business Skills, Career Development, Freelancing Level: Appropriate for all | Duration: 50m 36s | Released date: Apr 11, 2012 | Updated: Jan 03, 2013 Homepage:

Join author and business coach Dave Crenshaw as they shows you how to develop your professional connections by increasing your network and influence. This course reveals ways to connect with people directly, build casual acquaintances into real connections, and leverage social networking to increase your sphere of influence. Learn ways to create both communication channels and community because you serve your network and make yourself designed for new introductions and opportunities. This course is one kind of a series of five Dave Crenshaw courses according to his Invaluable teaching methodology for professional development.
Topics include:

  • Understanding how networking enhances your job

  • Getting from your comfort zone

  • Making recurring connections

  • Using a person relationship management (CRM) system

  • Building relationships through online community

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  • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • Examining several principles of connection

    • Using the exercise files

  • 1. In-Person Connections

    • Making in-person connections

    • Connecting with coworkers

    • Identifying your ideal networks

    • Getting from the comfort zone

    • Assessing your in-person connections

  • 2. Recurring Connections

    • Making recurring connections

    • Exploring the four principles of recurring connections

    • Maintaining connections using a CRM

    • Building a method for recurring connections

  • 3. Social Networking

    • Building stronger connections with digital media

    • Choosing the proper social networks

    • Using social websites to connect

    • Balancing your time and energy for social media

    • Using other technologies in order to connect

    • Assessing your online social-networking skills

  • Conclusion

    • Final thoughts

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