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iPhone 5S’ Packaging Reveal Fingerprint Scanner Ring for Real or Not?

Fingerprint Scanner for iPhone 5S for Real or Not

As September 10th is getting closer, another leak photos pops-up on the Chinese site “C Technology” which claimed to be the iPhone 5S packaging. The photos appears to have the iPhone 5S name, that have a similar design towards the iPhone 5, also a mysterious silver ring appears across the traditional home button.

The “fingerprint scanner thing” continues to be long rumored. Which also claimed by Fox News anchor Clayton Morris last month on the TWiT podcast, the upcoming iPhone 5S would've a fingerprint scanner who have a silver ring around it.

Clayton Morris’ description around the fingerprint scanner with the iPhone 5S has match the photo posted through the Chinese site. Which makes the rumor of getting a fingerprint scanner possibly true. Or maybe someone is just playing a joke based on Morris’ claims.

Another thing, Apple’s press invitation show images of silver rings, which many people suspected it linked to a fingerprint scanner sensor feature.

Apple press invitation

This stuff, the packaging box and Morris’ claim are all associated with each other.

The possibility of having a fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5S is high.

If rumors are true, iPhone 5S could be the world’s first smartphone to include a biometrics technology. Making phone security more strong.

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