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Infographic: Who Shot the Photographer? A Look at the Stock Photography Industry

Anyone who's tried or perhaps trying to make it as a professional photographer knows precisely how challenging of the task it can be just to make ends meet. In this new digital age, everybody has access to a camera containing increased a persons vision in photography exponentially. Being talented isn’t always enough to command top dollar working within the industry, you’ll must also be business savvy and, obviously, using a little best of luck can’t hurt. Take a look at these infographic to obtain a breakdown of what is affecting photography as being a career choice and what that means to professional photographers:


Who Shot the Photographer?

When compiling information to the infograph, ImageBrief, culled the information from repuatable sources including lots of the leading stock photo companies, and The LA Times.

Their findings show an industry flooded with technology containing opened up new doors for amateurs and photography enthusiasts. This new found use of digital equipment and quality photographic equipment has flooded industry with competition. The large pool of photographs online is making the ability to earn profit increasingly difficult, a truth that many professional photographs might discover dismal.

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