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How to Change a Camera Lens Quickly (Video)

How fast is it possible to change a camera lens? In this short demonstration, Jasmine Star, a global wedding photographer, shows how she swaps out lenses for my child Canon 5D within six seconds:

A bag that’s easily accessed appears to be the key to Star’s quick technique. She uses an ONA Brooklyn Camera Satchel, that has top-loading compartments to be with her lenses. The side bag rests just at hip height, which turns out to be convenient.

Star’s other secret's that she won't use lens caps during her wedding shoots. Not having to fiddle with caps loosens precious time that could otherwise mean missing essential moments after a ceremony or reception. Would it be worse to miss an important shot in order to get dust on the lens?


While many balk thinking of not protecting their lenses, others acknowledge that professional gear can take some abuse and say that’s the entire point of spending a little bit more on high-quality glass. And, as outlined by Star, she’s worked using this method for eight years without incident. She does ensure that you have her camera sensor cleaned regularly, and she properly covers her lenses after the wedding is finished.

Whether you master the tactic of speedy lens changing or want to keep two camera bodies around your neck constantly, there’s no denying that weddings require nearly constant shooting. What do you do to avoid missing crucial wedding moments?

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