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How to Be in the Good Grace of Panda Penguin

penguinHave you noticed a sudden drastic fall within your site’s traffic and ranking even after it is being optimized carefully? Then it is very likely that the website continues to be penalized by the giant google search, Google. Google’s Panda and Penguin are algorithmic updates that punish sites which practice unethical internet search engine optimization (SEO) techniques including spun content, bad links, and spam comments, buying sub-standard links, anchor links full of keywords as well as taking part in different private networks to get higher ranks in popular search engines like yahoo.

If you’re a webmaster, you'll be able to be a victim of Google’s penalties even though you don’t stick to the above mentioned SEO techniques. However, with a few simple, ethical and right techniques, you are able to recover from distressed condition, in terms of you website’s ranking and turn into in the good grace of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.

Panda and Penguin

Nevertheless, at the start, you 'must' have a clear idea about these updates.

  • Fundamentals of Panda - Whether you’re a blogger or a webmaster, you almost certainly know that Panda deals with content. Panda penalty is imposed on spammed content. It is there to modify content to never be spun or duplicate and be unique. Panda can be a change to Google’s ranking algorithm to lower ranking of poor or thin sites and then return to the higher quality sites ranked higher in the search engine. According to Google, it takes merely duplicate and meager quality content to carry down the traffic over a site that's otherwise solid. The giant search results recommends either removing those bad quality pages or rewriting them.

  • Fundamentals of Penguin - This is a code good name for an algorithm which is created to analyze links and identify the poor ones. This is aimed to decrease internet search engine ranks of websites which violate Google’s guidelines by utilizing black-hat tactics for SEO. The tactics can sometimes include cloaking, keyword stuffing, following and partaking in link schemes, creating duplicate and spun content yet others. Sites following these techniques lose their ranks on Google owing to Penguin.

Reasons internet marketing penalized

Here is really a comprehensive set of reasons for which your internet site may not get the favor of Google.

Containing duplicate, copied or spun content

Links from sites which can be penalized or banned by Google

Having issues with over optimization

Having excessive reciprocal linking

Being linked to bad online neighbors

Having so many optimized interlinking

Containing hidden links and texts

Having other issue that will otherwise infringe Google Webmaster Guideline

Solutions towards Panda and Penguin recovery

Google regularly updates Panda and Penguin. And, because of the updates, thousands of websites are penalized and experience a profound drop inside their ranking. If you think that your particular site has also become a prey of those updates, that is high time that you just work together with an above average and reputed SEO company that doesn't only helps your website getting back on its feet and also ensure better ranking on leading search engines. And for this, you can engage a trustworthy SEO company. There is no dearth of these companies, however, you must search for its legitimacy and track record before you make any decision.

When it comes to have the favor of Panda and Penguin, you need to adopt poor link removal solution along with a good recovery plan with the aid of a reputed SEO company.

Things to look at care of

When discussing an effective link removal plan, you need to take care of some important points. Note when the plan made available from your chosen SEO expert covers below mentioned fields.

  • Studying every single back link profile and conducting a comprehensive analysis

  • Auditing the profiles and making detailed report on them

  • Checking in the event the site is over-optimized owing to anchor text related issues

  • Removal of black hat SEO techniques, poor spam techniques or some other method which may have been affecting your internet site

  • Removing spam, spun, duplicate, badly written and bad quality content

  • Filing for reconsideration in Google’s webmaster tools once 80% link removal is fully gone

  • Checking when the bad links are removed completely

  • Carrying out systematic audit with the website and recommending tasks to maintain the site in complete sync with latest guidelines and algorithm updates as well

Once the removal process is complete, you sites will likely be automatically kept aside from being punished, banned or penalized.

Author’s Bio - Jonny Pean can be a reputed SEO expert. He regularly plays a part in leading SEO communities and blogs.

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DST Contributor

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