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Handbook of Financial Cryptography and Security

Burton Rosenberg, “Handbook of Financial Cryptography and Security”
2010 | ISBN: 1420059815 | 631 pages | PDF | 17,3 MB

The Handbook of Financial Cryptography and Security elucidates the thought and techniques of cryptography and illustrates the way to establish and look after security under the framework of monetary cryptography. It applies various cryptographic techniques to auctions, electronic voting, micropayment systems, digital rights, financial portfolios, routing networks, and much more.

In describes, the ebook examines blind signatures and other important cryptographic techniques when it comes to digital cash/e-cash. It also blogs about the role of cryptography in auctions and voting, describes properties that may be required of systems implementing value exchange, and presents methods through which selected receivers can decrypt signals sent to everyone.

The second section starts off with a discussion on lowering transaction costs of settling payments so that commerce may appear at the sub-penny level. The book then addresses the task of a system solution for the protection of intellectual property, before presenting a credit application of cryptography to financial exchanges and markets.

Exploring financial cryptography in the real world, another part discusses the often-complex issues of phishing, privacy and anonymity, and protecting the identity of objects and users.

With a focus on human factors, a final section considers whether systems will elicit or encourage the desired behavior from the participants in the system. It also explains the way the law and regulations impact financial cryptography.

In actuality, smart and adaptive adversaries employ all kinds of means to circumvent inconvenient security restraints. This useful handbook provides strategies to general questions regarding the field of economic cryptography as well as solutions to specific real-world security problems.

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