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Guide to Programming and Algorithms Using R

Guide to Programming and Algorithms Using R By Özgür Ergül
2013 | 185 Pages | ISBN: 1447153278 | PDF | 2 MB

This easy-to-follow textbook provides a student-friendly breakdown of programming and algorithms. Emphasis is positioned on the threshold concepts that present barriers to learning, such as questions that students tend to be too embarrassed to ask. The book promotes a dynamic learning style when a deeper understanding is gained from evaluating, questioning, and discussing the fabric, and practised in hands-on exercises. Although R is used as the language of choice for all programs, strict assumptions are avoided inside explanations to ensure that these to remain applicable along with other programming languages. Features: provides exercises after each chapter; includes three mini projects inside the final chapter; presents a list of titles for even more reading following the book; discusses the important thing aspects of loops, recursions, program and algorithm efficiency and accuracy, sorting, linear systems of equations, and file processing; requires no prior background knowledge of this type.

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