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Google To Serve Up Faster WiFi at Starbucks, Replacing AT&T [Updates]

Google To Serve Up Faster WiFi at Starbucks, Replacing AT&T [Updates]

Travelers rejoice: Google is replacing AT&T because official WiFi provider for Starbucks inside the USA, and they’re promising a tenfold speed increase (or hundredfold, if however, you live a Google Fibre city). Rollout beings this month; you’ll know its complete for your local Starbucks in the event the SSD changes to “Google Starbucks”.

It happens on TV constantly: a character is relaxing in a Starbucks, observing a MacBook and pretending to operate. What you never see, presumably as the camera cuts away, is the character swearing at and hitting their laptop as a result of soul-crushingly slow speed, after which using their phone as opposed to bothering anymore. Google - partnering while using Broomfield, Colorado-based tier 1 operator Level 3 Communications - hopes to alter that.

“When your neighborhood Starbucks WiFi network goes Google, you’ll be capable of surf the web at speeds up to 10x faster than before,” Google said inside a blog post. “If you’re in the Google Fiber city, we’re seeking you a connection that’s approximately 100x faster.”


With 7000 US locations, upgrading Starbuck’s WiFi won’t happen overnight. The three companies involved said the task will take 1 . 5 years for all locations, but the rollout begins this month. So, throughout the transition, some stores offer Google’s WiFi (SSD: Google Starbucks) although some offer the legacy AT&T service (SSD: attwifi).

Starbucks’ free WiFi, naturally, is ultimately a way to convince visitors to purchase beverages. Do you think a faster connection will help with that? Let us know your ideas in the comments below.

Source: Google via Slashdot

Image Credits: Espresso Via Shutterstock

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