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Design of Multithreaded Software: The Entity-Life Modeling Approach

Bo I. Sandén, “Design of Multithreaded Software: The Entity-Life Modeling Approach”
2011 | ISBN: 047087659X | 320 pages | EPUB | 3 MB

A novel procedure for designing software for reactive systems

This book will be the first available in-depth summary of the cutting-edge entity-life modeling (ELM) way of the design of multithreaded, reactive software, which makes it an instant authoritative reference. The text is divided into three parts:

Part I covers two fundamentals required for understanding ELM-program-language thread support in Ada and Java, while stating modeling

Part II describes ELM’s unique approach

Part III positions ELM in accordance with other design approaches

Reactive software must react to events on the planet as they occur. To deal with this, ELM defines a conference thread like a series of event occurrences that are separated with time. As the book reveals, event threads get to be the basis for software threads, resulting in thread architectures that may be understood intuitively in problem-domain terms. Readers will find how ELM captures the logic of event threads when it comes to states, providing two patterns for designing software threads depending on state diagrams and their activities.

Event threads in the domain can also form patterns. The text explains how ELM identifies the resource-user-thread pattern along with the resource-guard-thread pattern, both addressing resource sharing by multiple domain entities. It also covers the truth where entities need simultaneous exclusive access to more than one resource, and shows how ELM deals with deadlock prevention.

Design of Multithreaded Software is intended for software designers, architects, and researchers as well as systems designers, programmers, and engineers enthusiastic about a practical account of the novel approach.

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