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Creative Hyperlapse Exploring the Country of Georgia (Video)

We’ve seen plenty of timelapse videos on PictureCorrect in 2010, and with everybody experimenting and trying new things to push the envelope, you really have to think outside of the box to make something original. Timelapse Media has brought on this challenge throughout their recent visit to the country of Georgia. They have build a unique way of using a timelapse by combining aspects of hyperlapse, landscape shooting, HDR, and music synchronization. Check it out:

One of what makes this timelapse so incredible will be the sense of motion it gives the viewer. Most timelapse videos are shown from a stationary position as well as the viewer can observe the motion near the scene. In this timelapse, the roles are reversed and the viewer moves as the scene stays stationary. If you’re attempting to make a creative timelapse of your own, here are some things to consider:

  • Lighting - This should go without saying. All photography is around lighting. Finding and capturing beautiful lighting will invariably add to any still or video.

  • People - Can you add visitors to your timelapse? How will you do this? Will they become characters or simply help the composition and mood of the scene?

  • Music - Adding music to your video can help draw viewers in and create a more compelling timelapse. Think about the scene as well as the mood you want to generate. If there’s a pattern to move, lights, or scene changes, think of how you can synchronize this along with your music.

  • Movements - A lot of timelapse videos take place from one point, but even just in this instance you can add a slight panning motion to create the scene more dynamic. Elaborate camera movements are trickier and may even not benefit every scene so experiment to see what works.

hyperlapse timelapse georgia hdr video

This timelapse showcases some of Georgia’s most scenic views

Of course, there are many other ways to produce an interesting timelapse. If I could list every one of them here what would be the reason for trying to imagine something new? The key is always experimentation. If you try interesting things, they're going to lead you to think of different things, and very soon a variety of new possibilities becomes apparent. So get around and experiment!

For Further Training on Timelapse Photography:

There is often a COMPLETE guide (146 pages) to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses utilizing a dslr camera (fall promo occurring now - make sure to use the voucher code FallLapse at checkout for a discount). It can be found here: The Timelapse Photography Guide

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