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Complex Systems and Systems of Systems Engineering

Complex Systems and Systems of Systems Engineering

Complex Systems and Systems of Systems Engineering

2011 | ISBN-10: 1848212534 | 449 pages | PDF | 16,3 MB

With the growing maturity of knowledge and communication technologies, systems have been interconnected within growing networks, yielding new services by having a combination of the machine functionalities.

This contributes to an increasing complexity that should be managed to be able to take advantage of these system integrations. This book provides key answers concerning how such systems of systems might be engineered and just how their complexity might be mastered. After reviewing some definitions on systems of systems engineering, the ebook focuses on concrete applications and offers a survey with the activities and techniques that permit engineering of complex systems and systems of systems. Case studies, ranging from emergency situations such as Hurricane Katrina and its particular crisis management or even a generic scenario of your major traffic accident and its particular emergency response, to the establishment of your scientific basis within the Antarctic region illustrate important aspects of success and traps to avoid as a way to cope with such situations.

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Complex Systems and Systems of Systems Engineering

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