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Calling all photographers! 7 awesome accessories for your smart phone camera


Smartphone cameras make the perfect feature, nevertheless it probably isn’t advanced enough to get more professional photographers. Solving this dilemma is easy with a few camera accessories. Soon, a good novice photographer may have professional looking photos with one of these awesome accessories to your smart phone.

Image via Flickr by hunnnterrr

The Lens

One of the most important parts of a camera is the lens. This is true even though that camera is on a smart phone. A lens aids in focus and creating the right shot. The lens made for the cell phone includes a close look piece in order to zoom and concentrate just like you would an actual camera. You can find several different sizes of lens in order to pick the one which will give you the greatest results depending on the forms of photos you’re taking.

The Camera Mount

Every camera will need a mount since it holds the camera still while you snap photos. This is a good accessory when planning on taking still photos, especially with a light-weight cell phone. Some mounts have adjustable settings when planning on taking photos from unique angles.

The Camera Stabilizer

The stabilizer has the same function as mount. The big difference is that you may hold the stabilizer in your hand when you snap the photo. This accessory keeps your camera steady whilst you manipulate the shot. It is an extra part of insurance that assists prevent fuzzy photos that is a result of too much movement.

The Spotlight

Sometimes, photos only need a little more light to be great. The BlackBerry Q10 uses a spotlight accessory in order to get the shot you need through continuous lighting. A camera flash is temporary and often damages a photograph rather than enhancing the shot.

One of the finest features in the BlackBerry Q10 may be the innovative “time shift” mode. Because it’s our natural instinct to blink when there’s a bright flash of light, we sometimes end up with pictures where someone has their eyes closed. With time shift, the phone actually records a number of milliseconds before the picture is taken. You can then select a location of the screen and slightly adjust it, making sure no one has their eyes closed, making sure that you’ll get an ideal shot.

Light Filters

For those higher photographers, light filters really are a necessity so you can get the right kind of lighting to emphasise features of an image. Fortunately, there are numerous accessories that offer different kinds of light filters so that you can get the shot you need.

The Camera Mic

If you would like to capture sound plus a great photo, the microphone is a good accessory to own. It records quality sound while it’s hooked up to your phone and filters out any background noise that the phone’s regular microphone might record. This is a necessary item to possess if you intend to record videos together with taking photos.

The Package Deal

If you truly desire to turn your mobile phone camera into a professional camera, you really need to pick-up most of these accessories. Instead of buying these accessories separately, you'll find a package with everything you may need, like the lens, the light source and also the mount, to rework your smartphone camera.

These really awesome accessories are good for turning your ordinary smart phone camera into an extraordinary photographing machine. Your main limit is ensuring you might have enough space on the phone to capture all of the photos you want to take.

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