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Build Professional Websites Without Any Coding Using Needly

Ever wish to start a blog or website, but don’t need to learn code and website-building knowledge? Many people have and lost out on their chance at building their dream website and blogsite for the insufficient coding or knack for design. Needly enables you to build your own blog or website without needing technical knowledge for both.

All you have to do is learn how to drag and drop. Needly combines the ideas and popular features of a bunch of different web apps and puts it right into a single app. It carries the popular features of WordPress, Google Reader, Basecamp, Buddypress, Elgg plus much more.

9 Ideas for Building Great Websites With Less

Getting Started with Needly

One would feel that the interface for Needly can be unorganized, unusable, ugly. Needly is definitely not any of those things, in reality, it's got pretty advanced features plus an easy-to-use and organized dashboard.

The Needly dashboard layout is organized in three different sections thats liable to bring an organized, quick and easy navigation throughout editing, creating and managing your website:

  • the middle section shows your feed

  • the left sidebar shows basic navigation using your profile header and links aimed at your website creator

  • on the correct is the sidebar for your groups, group members, search functionality and member invitation.

Managing and Creating A Site

Pop-Up Postings

Posting articles and other media for a Needly site is only click on a web link on the dashboard. The feed brings up a popup that permits you to post videos, article, image, quote, link or audio file.

Uploading and Saving Media

Besides the Post to Site dialog and tool, there exists a separate and handy feature that allows you to upload a multitude of media files as well as other content you could upload, save for later, schedule it, date stamp or publish on your web site while with all the website builder.

You also observe the media content that you have posted previously or view the media that is already on the website pages.

Adding Extra Elements

Once the consumer starts with all the website builder they're going to notice that it is very fast, flexible and fluid. The easy drag and drop widgets and designer makes it such a breeze to make use of.

Easily add widgets and elements like Google Maps, Disqus comments, Vimeo and Youtube content, Javascript and HTML scripts, Twitter widgets, let alone individual CSS attributes during the entire drag and drop designer.

With a little imagination and learning from your errors, you'll be able to set up an incredibly professional-looking website purely beyond drag and drop actions.


  • Build a site without programming knowledge.

  • Multiple apps in one.

  • Connect using WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or Google apps.

  • Create and Join Groups

  • Help out with community sites.


  • May be slight confusion in the first time using dashboard, for starters.

  • Mediauploader isn't drag and drop. Yet.

  • No individual profile pages unless made manually, in your website.


Needly can be found in a free plan, and 2 other monthly pricing plans which understandably offers you more regarding storage and bandwitdth. On top of precisely what is mentioned, Needly is still equipped with plenty of treats (e.g customizable fonts, colors, styles, templates; responsive grids; universal RSS reader) for that new site owner and it is up to you to check around and try out this new way to build a website, coding-free.

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