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Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server MCMS

Lim Mei Ying, Stefan Gosner, Andrew Connell, Angus Logan, “Advanced Microsoft Content Management Server MCMS: Working with the Publishing API, Placeholders, Search, Web Services, RSS, and Sharepoint Integration”
PP | 2005 | ISBN: 1904811531 | 512 pages | PDF | 6,1 MB

This book gets the most in depth-coverage of important MCMS development topics found anywhere. Each author from the book is really a renowned expert inside area

Learn straight from recognized community experts
Extensive coverage from the Publishing API (PAPI)
Get Sharepoint and MCMS working together
InfoPath, RSS and hot topics covered
In Detail

Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 is really a dynamic web publishing system with which you can build websites quickly and cost-efficiently. MCMS supplies the administration, authoring, and data management functionality, and you provide the website interface, logic, and workflow. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (SPS) also features inside book. SPS 2003 enables enterprises to deploy a smart portal that seamlessly connects users, teams, and knowledge to ensure people can take advantage of relevant information across business methods to help them work better.

You’ve mastered the basic principles of MCMS, and setup your own personal MCMS installation. You’ve only scratched the surface. This book will be your gateway to squeezing every penny out of your investment in MCMS and SPS, and making both of these applications work together to provide a superb richness of content delivery and easy maintainability.

As a developer, the Publishing API (PAPI) are at the heart of your respective work with MCMS, and also this book starts through you on the most detailed tour with the PAPI you'll find anywhere. As a live example, a factor that reveals the structure of your MCMS site is created, taking you through the best way to manage the normal elements of MCMS programmatically.

Getting SharePoint and MCMS to work together is the next stop inside book. You will see the best way to use SharePoint’s internet search engine to search MCMS content, publish content involving the two systems, and create SharePoint Web Parts to attract content from MCMS.

To ease your everyday work with MCMS, you'll find chapters on placeholder validation, and several useful custom placeholders for common MCMS tasks, such as a date-time picker, a placeholder for multiple attachments, plus a DataGrid placeholder among others.

There are a number of ways to consume MCMS content on the surface world, and we look at two exciting ways here; RSS and InfoPath/Web Services. The InfoPath solution provides another interface to MCMS content which allows content authors to concentrate on content and not the presentation.

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