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Access Google Music From Rhythmbox

rhythmbox-logoWe truly realize that Google doesn’t want to support the Linux platform. While the search giant uses Linux on a lot of its services (including Android and Chromebook), there is never a proper Linux desktop client for its services. This is true for Picasa, Google Drive and Google Music. While you can access Google Music out of your Linux desktop with Nuvola player, it is basically a wrapper for the web interface also it doesn’t come with lots of the features found in most music players. For Rhythmbox fans and users, listed here is a way for you to access Google Music in Rhythmbox.

Rhythmbox will be the default very good music player for Ubuntu and it allows you to use plugins to give its functionality. The rhythmbox-gmusic plugin adds the Google Music feature to Rhythmbox, enabling you to play your cloud music inside the desktop mp3 music player.

To install, simply open a terminal and type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install rhythmbox-gmusic python-dateutil python-requests python-validictory

Start Rhythmbox and visit “Edit -> Plugins.


Activate the Google Play Music plugin. You will now see a Google Music section within the left pane.


To access your Google Music library and playlist, you need to first login and authenticate with your Google account. Once you have done that, your music and playlist will show up inside list. You can then select any song to have it playing.


Limitation of Google Music plugin

At as soon as, the plugin is pretty limited in functionality. There is no context menu and also you can’t create any playlist, whether it's for your local machine or for Google Music. The closest reaction you can have is to drag the song(s) for the Play Queue. Also, your music and playlist are “read only”. That means, as you can listen to your songs, you can’t make changes for them and have them sync back towards the cloud.

In conclusion, should you just want to pay attention to your music in Rhythmbox, this plugin will assist you to do so. You will have to create playlists inside (Google Music) web interface one which just play them in Rhythmbox.

Do you think that this is a useful plugin? Or you rather use Nuvola Player or directly play from the web interface?

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