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5 Ways to Optimize Your Social (Count) Buttons

Today, it's quite common practice to provide social buttons on webpages for better user engagement and to make it easier for your posts to be shared. However, these buttons could decrease your website load performance severely.

For instance, while using Facebook Like button, the script to fetch the “like” numbers to your page also to append the button HTML markup will be the culprits. The impact may be very significant in case you add the like button to each and every post.

In this post, we are going to discuss several solutions to optimize social buttons, this improves your page load performance. We have been trying some available tools and scripts around and allow me to share our 5 top of the list., making use of their pros and cons attached. Let’s check them out.

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1. Socialite

Socialite can be a JavaScript library, put together by David Bushell. It permits us to load the specific social buttons upon a selected event like hovering or scrolling, making your page load better.


  • Available as WordPress plugin.

  • No need jQuery and other libraries.

  • Load the specific social buttons upon any event: hover, scroll, click, etc.

  • Customizable through CSS.

  • Support for several social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Spotify, and Github. Extensible for other social networking sites.


  • No supports for querying share or like numbers.

2. Sharrre

Sharrre can be a jQuery plugin for adding social buttons on webpage. It comes with a set of API to produce the button highly customizable.


  • Support lots of social network buttons, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, etc.

  • Fully customizable button with CSS and also the plugin options.

  • Ablity to fetching share numbers and also sum them up.

  • Tracking with Google Analytics.

  • Available as WordPress plugin.


  • Dependent on jQuery to function.

  • Also rely on additional PHP script (for querying Google+ share number).

3. TNW Social Count

TNW Social Count is a WordPress plugin originally developed for The Next Web to fetch share variety of articles, and display the effect as shown inside the following screenshot. Thankfully, the developer is generous enough to discharge the plugin totally free, but not all features were included.


  • WordPress Plugin, a breeze to use while using provided GUI and template tag.

  • Support for four major internet sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn (may not suffice).

  • Fully customizable with CSS.

  • Option to fetch count number automatically, or by demand.


  • Works only for WordPress; need a workaround to get it work on Joomla or Drupal.

  • It creates extra fields inside the database. So, if your hosting plan has limited resource to the database, this might cause a trouble.

  • At the time from the writing, support is restricted to only four internet sites mentioned above.

4. Filament Social Count

Social Count can be a jQuery plugin manufactured by Filament Group for displaying the sharing button from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This plugin shows the buttons efficiently by loading the button individually in support of upon user deman; inturn, webpages load faster.


  • Load the button individually on hover.

  • Very small file size, only 2.98KB.

  • Support for touch device.


  • Only support for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sharing button.

  • Rely on jQuery. So, despite of the very small size, you have to load a supplementary 93kb from jQuery.

5. Social Likes

Social Likes is really a jQuery plugin to demonstrate social buttons while using share numbers. It comes with styles which can be similar to the actual ones, as shown inside the screenshot below.


  • Default button styles which look near to the originals.

  • Customizable look through CSS and through GUI.

  • Support for Pinterest and LiveJournal.

  • Easily extensible to include additional social networks.


  • Similar to Sharrre, It utilizes jQuery and in addition PHP for querying Goolge+ counter.

  • It queries the counter number on page load.

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