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4 Fantastic Video Games Based On Dungeons And Dragons

If I mentioned tabletop RPGs for you, is there a first one that pops in your head? If I was required to guess, I would assume you're thinking of Dungeons and Dragons. Sure, a lot of people might think of Warhammer or Shadowrun, nevertheless for most outside of the tabletop space, Dungeons and Dragons could be the first game believe that of. In fact, for most people, it may even be the only real game in the genre they are fully aware at all.

As generally popular things, there are many video games available based on the Dungeons and Dragon universe. Some are certainly not so good, and several are downright fantastic, even if you might be not a fan in the tabletop version in the game. The subject few D&D works very well in video game form, numerous RPGs make use of the same types of characters anyway.

Whether you want D&D or otherwise, the games that follow are worth playing, because when considering down to it, they are just quality games that happen to achieve the Dungeons and Dragons brand attached.

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara

We’re starting this off with some old school D&D goodness. This arcade game was launched by Capcom in 1996, plus it’s actually a side-scrolling beat ‘em up with some RPG elements sprinkled in. It featured four-player cooperative gameplay, plus it was one particular games you can get excited about when you stepped up for the machine to dump in your quarters.

For fans of Mystara inside D&D universe, this game is extra awesome. However, even when you’ve never sat down and played Dungeons and Dragons inside your life, the mix of RPG and side-scroller get this to a classic. If you know of the arcade that has this machine, go there and play it now, and are glad learn about.

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn

You’ve heard about Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, right? Both games originate from BioWare, one of the single best RPG makers in the business today. Well, before those games, this is just what the prolific developer was making. Both the second and third iteration of Baldur’s Gate are excellent, but I am giving the nod for the second, because it features a bit more refinement than its predecessor.

This game has anything that a fan of D&D or RPGs could obtain. It has a deep battle system, awesome characters, and a lot of customization. All of these everything is critical in a video game and tabletop RPG, and Baldur’s Gate II is packed to the gills with them. It’s also faithful to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition rule-set, that can satisfy fans from the tabletop game.

Planescape Torment

This game from Black Isle Studios focuses a little less on combat, plus much more on its interesting story and setting. For some gamers, this might seem somewhat bland, nevertheless for those who require a little bit a greater portion of a relaxing experience, mafia wars should suit them nicely. Of course, that’s not to imply there is no combat, it’s hardly necessarily the key focus with the game.

This game is not just good, but it’s also important within the video game world, because it is actually one in the earlier games to employ a morality system that swings as the player performs actions. This has be a staple in several games today, for better or worse. If you want an RPG from back inside day, this has to be one worth dumping some hours into.

Neverwinter Nights

I didn’t want to mention two games from BioWare, but sadly, it cannot be avoided, since the company happens to be responsible for two in the best D&D games. While the original 1991 game called Neverwinter Nights have also been very good, it’s the BioWare game from 2001 that truly did the name the justice it deserved.

As old as mafia wars is, it still has a dedicated player base today. This is partially due to its dedicated modding community, and partially because the game is a great one to be worth finding comfort. It’s another massive game, so there is plenty to try out for gamers. It’s some of those games that you might not even know will depend on D&D, however it is, and yes it’s really, fantastic.


Think you can’t have a tabletop RPG and turn it into something in video game form? Think again, since these awesome D&D games prove, with the right team development the game, it most likely can be done.

What Dungeons and Dragons video gaming do you love? Have you played all of these games? Hit your comments ought to section below and tell us.

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