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10 Photography Life Hacks to Save Time and Money

If you’re not careful, photography can be a very expensive hobby. There’s always new things to buy. However, many camera accessories on the market can be simulated with stuff you already own. Check out these 10 photography hacks from DRTV that will keep you organized and conserve your funds:

1. Geotag your photos with out a GPS camera.


Get the GPX Master app for iOS (or find any app that will export a GPX file). Make sure to sync your camera’s clock together with your phone’s clock. The app on your smartphone records your route as time passes stamps right into a GPX file when you move about. Once you’re home, export the GPX file and rehearse software like Aperture or Lightroom to add geotags to your photos in accordance with the time you took each photo.

2. Use a tripod being a slider.


For casual use, there’s you should not purchase a slider for capturing video. Instead, use your regular tripod. Slowly tip it sideways onto two legs and then move it back smoothly for the look similar to what a slider would achieve.

3. Use an egg timer for 360 degree time lapse photography.


Mount a lightweight camera up of an egg timer with putty. Set your camera to take photos at consistent intervals, and commence the timer. As the timer counts down, your camera rotates.

4. Trigger your shutter with earphones.


Take smartphone photos for the sly by pressing the amount up about the earphones to adopt a photo.

5. Make a cheap ND filter having a piece of welding glass.


Neutral density filters are spendy. Spend $10 or less over a small piece of welding glass for a similar effect. Secure the glass to the front of the lens with rubber bands, and employ live view to compose your images. Adjust your white balance in post-production to remove the glass’s color cast.

6. Trigger your off-camera flash with any built-in flash.


If you have a flash having an optical slave sensor, you'll be able to trigger it by using the built-in flash on any camera. The strobe go off if it detects the sunshine from the built-in flash.

7. Store your SD cards inside lens caps and body caps.


While you’re using your camera, you don't have any need for the lens rear cap or perhaps the body cap. Utilize these unused items just as one SD card case by placing the cards inside the rear cap and covering it with all the body cap.

8. Easily remove tourists from your photos.


If you don’t want strangers in your photos, take several photos using your camera on a tripod as tourists move the frame. Then, in Photoshop, check out Menu -> Scripts -> Statistics -> Median. The software will automatically eliminate the people out of your image leave you having a tourist-free image in the scenery.

9. Put your battery covers to be effective.


Use your battery covers to indicate whether an electric battery is charged or empty. Battery covers have small battery-shaped holes that may be placed in the colored the main back in the battery to demonstrate that the battery is charged. Flip the coverage around when an electric battery is empty.

10. Keep track of the battery compartment flap cover.


When using battery grips, you need to remove the battery compartment door flap. To keep from losing the flap, store it inside grip. The flap slides right into a compartment about the grip’s battery insert.

Before acquiring the latest photography gadget, consider how you are able to use what you already have to unravel your photography-related conundrums. What are your chosen photography hacks?

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