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10 must have image editors for web designers

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As web site designers we know that certain of the most important aspects of our jobs are to manipulate images for web designs. There are a plethora of different apps to select from and here we have compiled a summary of 10 should have image editors for web designers.

1. Pixelmator

If you can’t justify the price of Adobe Photoshop, then Pixelmator ought to be your next choice, not only is the app stunningly beautiful, but it's also very user friendly and offers a lot of the same features that made PS so popular.

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2. Adobe Photoshop

There are only able to be one king, and Adobe Photoshop has become the king of image editing software for quite some time. Most likely it's going to continue to be the king for many years.



GIMP is definitely an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. What makes GIMP completely different from the previously mentioned editors could be the fact that it is 100% free! While it isn’t nearly as professional as Photoshop it can come with a large amount of great features.

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4. DrawBerry

If you don’t need to create hugely complicated vectors and illustrations then DrawBerry is good for you. This great little app is sold with everything you will be needing in order to create simple vectors.


5.  Pencil

If you have any drawing talent, then pencil must be on your list of should have apps,  It allows you to create traditional hand-drawn animation (cartoon) using both bitmap and vector graphics. The best part about Pencil could be the fact that it costs you very little to use it, the program is open source.


6. Acorn

Sometimes you need to edit a photo, however, you don’t need every one of the bells and whistles of Photoshop or Pixelmator, that's where Acorn enters the picture. If you must touch up on the favorite images then Acorn is perfect for you.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 9.03.03 AM

7. Inkscape

If you might have been searching for an Open Source vector and graphics editor then look no further Inkscape is really the only app you need, in lots of places the app has features much like those found in Adobe Illustrator. What is excellent about Inkscape may be the fact that it really is very easy to work with. Furthermore the neighborhood of developers using Inkscape is growing and growing.


8. Seashore

If you will need a very basic image editor then Seashore is your choice. As an Open Source image editor created specifically for Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework it's going to allow you to make simple adjustments. It supports multiple layers and alpha channel editing.

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9. Apple Aperture

Not much needs to be said about Apple Aperture, if you are searching for a powerful editing app then Apple Aperture has all you need. Adobe has Lightroom and Apple has Aperture. Whether you are an experienced image editor or maybe looking to boost your candid snapshots through the latest Hawaii vacation, Aperture includes something for all.


1o. Free Ruler

If you are looking with an app that adds a ruler for your screen then Free Ruler is exactly what you've got been trying to find! It does what it says it does and not a lot more. However being a web designer I end up finding myself needing measuring something in my design as well as for that purpose Free Ruler is fantastic.


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