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10 Beautifully Illustrated Children’s Books Made For The iPad

Editor’s Note: This can be a contributed post by Veronica Howes, Marketing Manager at Storypanda. She is obsessed with technology, innovation and product design, features a deep love of reading and in concert with the most talented kids book authors and illustrators. Find her at Facebook and Google+.

Today, more and more kids are using iPads, and also the technological probability of the platform, books are actually presented, read and interacted with in an infinitely more active way. But with the countless options available today there comes a sea of apps that parents need to wade through, with no filter for quality, finding ones which are worthy of bedtime reading is a difficult task.

In truth, there is often a handful of beautifully illustrated books that let kids discover the time saving benefits of storytelling. A great picture book may come as much in the written words because illustrations that bring life to those words. I’ve put together my top picks for children book apps with illustrations that transform what and story into reality.

20 Beautiful Children’s Book Cover Illustrations

Even Monsters Get Sick

Kids from 3 to 7 will cherish this story of the little boy named Harry and the sick monster. The illustrations have a cartoon style that is certainly combined with heavy textures that draw attention to the adorable monster. ($2.99)

Author and Illustrator: Michael Bruza
Publisher: Busy Bee Studios

Little Fox Music Box

Little Fox is really a sing-along book fun for two to 6 year olds. Teach the kids classic songs like London Bridge and Old Mac Donald Had A Farm with this particular musical app. Award winning illustrator Heidi Wittlinger’s playful character designs are taken to life with heavy texture based illustrations as well as a paper cutout art style. ($2.99)

Illustrator: Heidi Wittlinger
Publisher: Fox & Sheep

The Heart along with the Bottle

From best rated children’s book author Oliver Jeffers comes a children’s book for the kids aged 2 to 8 with regards to a curious litttle lady who takes take pleasure in discovering interesting things. The mixture of traditional art mediums and digital illustrations create unique doodle-like, contemporary illustrations. ($5.99)

Author/Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd

Timmy Tompkins’ Awesome Fantasy

An adventure story about a young boy who hopes for being a superhero just as the ones from his favourite comic books. Great for kids aged 2 to 10 who want to be a little super. Fitz Fitzpatrick’s bold style and saturated colours instantly grab attention. Fitz was disappointed from the lack of various the typography in kids books so he made it an importance when he created his or her own. ($2.99)

Author and Illustrator: Fitz Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Storypanda Enterprises Inc.

(Disclaimer: The author want to know , works for Storypanda Enterprises).

Wee You - Things

Teach the kids about accepting people’s differences in this cute app for ages 3 to 7. Modern geometrical illustrations with clean vector lines lead to a colourful, eye-popping experience. ($2.99)

Illustrator: OFFICE: Jason Schulte Design, Inc.
Publisher: Wee Society LLC

Mr. Wolf as well as the Ginger Cupcakes

A twist about the beloved classic, Mr. Wolf and also the Ginger Cupcakes, is often a story delight for 1 to 8 year olds. Lucia Mascuillo adds some edge to the classic fairytale view in her illustrations drawn with watercolour and pencil. ($2.99)

Illustrator: Lucia Mascuillo
Publisher: BlueQuoll

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An award-winning app that literally brings the classic Cinderella story to life with exciting animations and original music. Kids aged 3 and up will like to play inside this story. The illustrations in addition modern version using a mix of realistic textures and paper cutout style illustrations. ($5.99)

Illustrations: Edward Bryan
Publisher: Nosy Crow

Sleepy Mole’s Moving Day

A bedtime story for two main to 10 year olds about a mole that is certainly in need of the new home. Every time you take a journey with Sleepy Mole and burrow through the ground you will discover different homes and meet new animals. This story carries a more traditional look that comes from the combination of vector art and textures as well as saturated hues. ($2.99)

Illustrator: Melanie Matthews
Publisher: StoryToys Entertainment Limited

Slice of Bread goes for the Beach

Follow along as being a slice of bread experiences a series of mishaps on his way to the beach. Kids from 2 to 10 will like to take part in this slice of bread’s hunt for treasure! Glenn Melenhorst runs on the painterly art style with 3D elements in addition to photographs that contrast the illustrations. ($2.99)

Author and Illustrator: Glenn Melenhorst
Publisher: Jelly Biscuits

Nash Smasher

Nash is really a boy who loves to smash things, but finds himself inside a sticky situation where he needs to use his smashing ways for good. Nash Smasher is an interactive book for a long time 1 to 10. This old style pop-up picture book takes a form of art style reference through the 1960′s. ($1.99)

Author: Bill Doyle
Illustrator: Troy Cummings
Publisher: Crab Hill Press LLC


Monster Games on StoryBots

A Halloween themed book for youngsters aged two to eight with regards to a kid who travels to a spooky castle. You can even personalize the story using a picture of yourself. Kids will love the wacky character style of Nikolas Ilac. He contrasts heavy elements with thin, detailed ones in their painterly art style. ($7.99)

Illustrator: Nikolas Ilac
Animator: Amelia Lorenz
Publisher: JibJab Media Inc

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