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YouTube For Android & iOS Gets In-App Floating Video, Continuous Playback & More

YouTube’s latest update to its smartphone app may possibly not have the lengthiest changelog you are going to ever see, nevertheless the changes are pretty big nonetheless. In addition to obtaining a new icon on both platforms, the app is currently capable of permitting you to navigate your bank account without stopping video playback. This means that the YouTube app finally allows you to minimize videos, to ensure searching and browsing different areas of the service becomes possible. The miniaturized version of videos is reminiscent with the VideoPane tweak we covered recently. Of course, the playback stops in case you exit the app, but within YouTube, you're able to do anything you want without risking interruptions. The Android variant of the app has undergone several design improvements, while the long-awaited continuous playback option continues to be added to playlists also. To top things off, the app now has a new logo.

YouTube iOS Flaoting YouTube iOS Cont Playlist

The thing containing always helped me access YouTube from a web browser, in lieu of its app, was the app’s inability to multitask. You had to stop a video and get off its page whenever you needed to search for a brand new video, and you couldn’t just open a fresh tab inside app. The problem has finally been solved by the rather clever ‘picture-in-picture’ mode in YouTube. While watching videos, simply hit the arrow icon located in its top-left corner, or drag the playback quality frame downwards. This reveals the page you are previously on, and after that, you'll be able to go anywhere from the app. Any time a fresh video is picked, the minimized the first is closed automatically. To manually result in the docked video vanish entirely, swipe it to the left with the screen.

The Android app has brought a major design overhaul, with a really slick card-based UI built as outlined by Google’s latest design philosophy. Up until now, an incredible hindering factor for users in the YouTube app was the possible lack of continuous playback for playlists. There are even separate services targeted at providing users with just this functionality, which shows the importance playlists have inside whole YouTube experience. At long last, you are able to really enjoy playlists on your own iPhone or Android, with thanks to the ‘Play All’ button included with each playlist for the service. Even during playback, it really is pretty simple to switch between videos by showing up in the arrows each and every end from the player, or using the menu that occurs when the you hit their list button. Also, for both platforms, you can now hunt for playlists as well, in addition to videos.

YouTube Android Redesign YouTube for Android Update

The YouTube update may be rolled out simultaneously on iOS and Android, so just grab the spectacular new app by heading to the link below.

Install YouTube from App Store

Install YouTube from Google Play Store

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