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Why Nokia Don’t Have Android?

Why Nokia don't have Android

Why Nokia doesn’t have an Android Phone? Does Microsoft already owned the Finnish Mobile Maker?

We truly realize that Nokia is the Microsoft’s top Windows Phone partner, as soon as they move from symbian last 2011. Nokia hopes that next few years, Windows Phone will probably be much popular and strong enough from competitions with smartphone’s OS.

Microsoft and Nokia already discussed the possibilities of buying the company. But this discussing fall apart after the disagreement with all the price.

For the past 14 years, Nokia holds the title with the World’s Top Selling Mobile Phone maker. But not until 2012, because Samsung has it now. And as outlined by, Nokia’s business is falling to 20% for that first quarter of 2013 that's before was 15%. With the said Windows Phone, Nokia thinks until this Microsoft-made mobile OS can change the company’s falling market share.

Will Nokia adopt Android to the future?

I think the reason why Nokia don’t make phones powered by Android is usually to prevent what are the path of HTC did. HTC does are excellent phones but at the conclusion, -overshadowed by Samsung. But for some analyst, it is time for Nokia to adopt Android. Seeing the larger dropped of Nokia’s share of the market could be a manifestation of adoption of Android since there smartphone’s OS.

But I think, if Microsoft supports Nokia, Windows Phone and the corporation situation could reverse its standings. 

What do you consider? Should Nokia adopt Android? Can It reverse the organization’s situation?

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