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Transferring Apps To A New iPod Touch

Apple offers lots of free applications to use on devices such as the iPod Touch or iPhone but many of them are simply small samplings designed to pique your interest and urge one to purchase full versions in a nominal price. Whether you merely want more Angry Birds levels or don’t want annoying ads pestering you during Social Girl, buying the full version of apps definitely adds convenience helping developers afford other packs of ramen noodles in the act. One of the qualms of buying applications however is exactly what to do with them should you inevitably drop and damage your iPod or just want to upgrade to some 4th Generation or other newer model. Luckily, there are a couple convenient methods to transfer applications to some new iPod Touch.

Transferring Applications To A New iPod Touch With ITunes

You may wonder why Apple requires your user ID when you download a fresh application, free or else. The truth is, your details is stored not just on your iPod Touch but additionally ‘in the clouds’ around the iTunes server. Therefore, in case you ever need to reset your iPod Touch or should you lose all of the data just go for the apps store to download and re-install your purchased and free apps. As long as you utilize same iTunes user account with all the correct password, the iTunes store will observe that you’ve already purchased the software and you won’t be charged again. Of course, reinstalling this data is easy around the same device but has a little longer if the iPod Touch becomes lost, broken, or stolen by the rival Social Girl so the following tips will help you quickly transfer applications to your new or different iPod Touch.

What To Do Before Your iPod Touch Gets Lost, Broken, or Stolen with a Rival Social Girl
Synching Your iPod To A Computer

Instead when trying to remember which apps you'd installed on the old iPod Touch, you'll be able to sync the device to your desktop computer to transfer multiple apps right away. Syncing your iPod is great for backing up important information and as a supplementary way to save your purchased applications. The steps for syncing your iPod Touch are easy enough:

  1. Connect an iPod USB cable to the computer and also your iPod

  2. Download iTunes for a computer or open the software program if it’s already installed

  3. In iTunes, select your iPod in the list of devices around the left hand side

  4. Select the “Apps” folder from your iPod menu

  5. Check the box next to any or all apps you want to sync

  6. Select Sync to ‘unite’ your iPod which computer

Transferring Apps To A New iPod Touch With “Restore”

Once the tears have dry out after you inadvertently used your old iPod like a basketball and you also’ve paid out a couple hundred bucks for a whole new one, you’ll utilize ‘restore’ replacement for quickly retrieve your old apps. Turn around the new iPod and traverse the first couple welcome screens. One of the wizards asks you should you want to build the iPod as ‘new’ or ‘restore from a previous version’. Just hook up the modern iPod to your previously synced computer plus your apps should restore in seconds as they transfer.

There are limitations as you are able to currently only transfer purchased apps with a maximum of 5 different devices but that is another way to protect the developers from mass distribution. Also, some apps will must be updated should your new iPod has a newer operating-system or if the developers make alterations in the programs to fix bugs or add improvements. Either way, these short downloads will leave you much more time to work your way the online ladder for being the next Social Girl.

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