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SEO Like It’s 1989

actRembember the days of meta tag domination - when all you could had to do today to get a first pr in search engines ended up being have a few keywords with your meta tags? Those days are no longer. Search engine marketing has morphed right into a complex beast consisting of domain authority, pr, follow/no-follow, and social cues, simply to name a few.

With all of the complexities which have appeared browsing engine optimization over the past 10 years, a lot of people have shifted towards strategies of trying to influence the major search engines by getting a huge number of crappy links pointing for their sites using unnatural and automated methods. That was effective in the last several years however that Google is getting smarter and penalizing for trying to game the machine, using “black-hat” SEO techniques can in fact hurt your rankings.

The safest and many effective way to optimize your website for engines like google in 2013 (and beyond) is usually to “SEO like it’s 1989.” Here are a few ideas to start with you read them, here’s videos to get you inside 1989 mood.

1. In 1989, Google did not exist

In 1989, the world wide web was still only a perception so Google obviously didn’t exist. That defeats the purpose of talking about search engine marketing techniques but it highlights an incredible point for carrying out search engine marketing tactics 24 years later.

When you are building the buzz of your website online, it’s beneficial to get into the mindset that search engines like yahoo do not exist. Don’t worry about their algorithms and penalties. Just target gaining meaningful exposure and links to your internet site that produce traffic. This will help you concentrate on the right issues that Google values whilst you from being penalized or costing you time gaining meaningless links.

The search engines like google probably aren’t going away in the near future but if your internet site is suddenly deindexed, you will need to obtain traffic minus the Google machine. So how you would begin that?

2. Traditional Networking

In 2013, we have been ultra-connected. With all information at our fingertips, the world population has become small. We are also merely a tweet or post away from thousands of our colleagues and friends on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. With all fraxel treatments, we’ve gained a lot but we’ve also taken for granted the importance of reaching out to new people inside a more meaningful way.

For the reason for SEO, we would tweet our link out to a huge number of followers or post it on Facebook and hope countless people (including Google) see it. But if it were 1989, we’d should do it a single person at a time, at least rely on more personal face-to-face methods?

To apply this concept for a SEO, give attention to contacting individual webmasters with a personal email or telephone call. Or you can really go old-school and mail them a handwritten letter - better go buy some stamps!

See the best way to work together to make a mutually beneficial relationship. In our new internet society of quick 117 character tweets, most of the people would love to obtain a personal email or phone call from someone within their industry. Make it an objective to reach in the market to 2-3 individuals a week within your industry niche. This may not seem like it will have an effect on SEO over time but the results will likely surprise you. As you build relationships, you’ll find new techniques for finding exposure and backlinks to your web site that are natural and powerful for SEO.

Read more ideas for contacting potential partners within my Search Engine Marketing Guide

3. The Big Fish

One great reason to continually reach to new people is basically that you might hook a large fish. So many small affiliate marketers who experienced explosive growth can attribute their growth to your single promotion or just being mentioned by one popular person or website using a huge following.

That could possibly be all it takes to catapult the success of the website or blog. A link from the huge authority website could be a gold mine for traffic, rankings, along with the overall popularity of your internet site.

So stop hanging for the latest SEO technique and Google algorithm update and start applying the traditional core principles of marketing and promotion to your SEO. You might be surprised at the results.

ryanRyan Bowman makes his home at and is inside business of developing websites for 200 lucky small company clients who register first. He also blogs at Web Eminence University to help you new and prospective web owners have success using websites.

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