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OnePlaylist: consolidates music tracks from multiple services into stylish playlists

If you are going to multiple online music venues (e.g. YouTube, Grooveshark, among others) to be controlled by songs, it’s time and energy to mature to the next level: OnePlaylist is really a web app that lets you manage songs from Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark, Rdio, while others into consolidated playlists that can all be played from a single place.

OnePlaylist is really a very simple concept that could transform how we listen to music on the internet in one stroke, and convert it into a much more stylish mp3 music player style experience. Currently in Beta, it can find tracks on YouTube or import tracks from Spotify (while you currently have to manually copy the HTTP link for each and every Spotify track and paste it into OnePlaylist to carry out so). But OnePlaylist’s future ambitions include support for a lot of more online music services. A few which can be mentioned about the OnePlaylist site (and not yet supported for the beta version we tested) are Deezer, Grooveshark, and Rdio.

OnePlayList Screenshot1

Aside from consolidating online tracks into playlists, OnePlaylist comes with a interesting search functionality that doesn't only finds tracks, but other playlists that includes the track, in addition to entire albums which contain the track or how the OnePlaylist search algorithm finds to be relevant (which sometimes isn't clear, your purpose in getting the particular search engine results that you are). Other people’s playlists or albums could be added for a ‘collection’ with the press of the mouse button, naturally. I will claim that it is unclear if you ask me if these playlists/albums are YouTube playlists or if they're created by other OnePlaylist users.

In nevertheless, the search ability functions pretty much as a music recommendation engine, and I could look into other people’s playlists, find some interesting stuff, and add their playlists into my collection. Of course, in case you sign up using your Facebook info you can include your listening history to your Facebook timeline, etc.

The verdict:

If you listen to songs on YouTube but yearn for a fast and stylish strategy to organize your songs and create playlists, you'll like OnePlaylist. While currently during the early beta, it only offers support for YouTube and Spotify, although a few more are promised to come.

Note that early beta is invitation only, however it seems that they may be doling out invitations liberally (I got my invite within a day). One thing that drove me inside the wall, which I hope is going to be fixed going forward, will be the playlist creation process. Here’s how to do it: develop a playlists, then edit it, then add a track, then save it. Only then will the playlist be created last but not least appear in the left sidebar.

OnePlaylist is really a good strategy to liberate yourself from any individual online music service. While previously my thinking was that users typically like one (or two) online services, including Grooveshark or Spotify and keep with them, people at OnePlaylist apparently think that users would prefer to combine. Only time will tell if they may be correct on this assumption.

Having said this, I will say that OnePlaylist offers a very nice experience, and that I have used it a lot more than I thought I would. Check it out for yourself.

Get OnePlaylist here (register to request a beta invite, I got one within twenty four hours).

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