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Lian Li PC-9N Review

Lian Li PC-9N Introduction:

This is my first brush with Lian Li - I know the business, but I had never really seen any product close up. So I did a little shopping around. Lian Li had become 1983, so it has been in business for three decades making aluminum cases. In 2009 a subsidiary called LanCool may be making non-aluminum cases aimed at the gamer and enthusiast. But Lian Li comes with an impressive variety of aluminum cases from entry level to high end in about every style and size you can think of. It even contains the PC-CK101, which can be shaped like a steam engine. Equally impressive is the variety of chassis accessories, external harddrive and NAS (Network Attached Storage) enclosures, and power supplies.

Today we have the all aluminum PC-9N in black (silver can be available), that is a mid tower (ATX / micro ATX) case with room for about a 430mm long graphics card.

Lian Li PC-9N Closer Look:

Here we have the box. The sides and ends are the same, so I only have a single shot of each one. Nothing fancy inside graphics department. I can see that there are what appears to be a side vent, perhaps big enough for two fans, and I prefer that. And really, very little more about true features. And that is fine because honestly, I am usually anxious to have busy while using details and I do not much attention to this area. However, in case you are at the computer store and have the luxury of Internet access, it can be nice as a way to compare every one of the features and options between cases, that's why the lamp often plays the role with the salesperson.

The plastic bag does its job and keeps the situation clean and dust free during storage and shipping, along with the heavy Styrofoam end caps be sure that rough handling won't leave your case banged up.

Out of the therapy lamp and packing, true looks nice. Brushed aluminum and anodized black. Now we have been ready to take a closer look on the exterior. As I consider the packaging off, I am again reminded how light this case is. I like the big side vent.

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