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Edit Your PDF Files Using Free Online Tools

PDF (Portable Document Format) is really a non editable document format automagically. But i am not saying that it is possible to never edit a PDF document and manipulate the content.

There are lots of online tools and applications, both free and paid, available for the Internet that assist you edit PDF files. Why do you have to purchase software like Adobe Acrobat when there are efficient PDF editing tools readily available for free? The only issue is that as there a wide range of PDF editing online tools you can find and choosing the right choice can be a trial.

There are many popular and widely accepted online for free PDF editing tools and some of them are PDFEscape, BeCyPDFMetaEdit, PDFExchange, InkSpace and the like. If you do not desire to install PDF editing software on your computer, instead plan to do it online, then PDFEscape is often a good option. You can edit your PDF file just in your browser. In other words, you just need a computer with Internet connection to make use of PDFEscape. You can upload required PDF file from the computer or from the Internet. You are able to do most of the basic editing activities such as inserting new content, image or link, deleting content, inserting controls like text box, check box, radio button, drop down or list box and manipulating pages with PDFEscape. If you plan to change the meta data information of the PDF file, you'll be able to use BeCyPDFMetaEdit tool. If you expect to do advanced editing on the PDF file, then PDFExchange can be a good choice.

1. Open your online browser (chrome, traveler or whatever use) and enter Click “EDIT YOUR PDF NOW” button. You will get a screen as given below.

Edit a pdf file

2. Click “Upload PDF to PDFescape”. You will get a brand new screen where one can upload the PDF file you need to edit. After choosing the required file, click on “Upload” button. The right hand side in the screen contains your PDF file as well as the left hand side would contain different PDF editing options as given below.

pdf file editing program

3. Under the Insert tab, you could see tools for example Text, Whiteout, Image, Freehand, Link, Form Field and More. If you intend to delete a specific word or line, click the Whiteout tool and drag it about the word or line you wish to delete. Now, the precise word or line would have been cleared.

4. If you must insert a whole new text, then drag and drop the Text tool inside required space and after that enter the text making use of your keyboard. Once you click the Text tool and drop it on the page, you could see a menu bar for the top of the page as given below. It allows you to choose the font, size, color and style (bold, italic, underline) of one's text.


5. If you intend to insert a picture, drag and drop the Image tool inside required space. Then you will receive the window to pick the image file to get uploaded. PDFEscape supports bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg and png image formats. If you want to add a hyperlink to a particular detail, then drag and drop Link tool and specify the link address.
6. You can use Freehand tool if you want to write or mark something on the PDF page. If you want to make your PDF file interactive, you may use Form Field tool. For example, if you intend to know whether a female or male is reading your document, you'll be able to create two radio buttons using Form Field tool and get the input.

7. If you click on the More button within the Insert tab, you'll get tools like Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Circle and Checkmark.

8. Under the Annotate tab, you could discover Sticky Note and Highlight tools. If you would like to insert a comment, then drag and drop Sticky Note tool. Inside the box, you'll be able to enter your comment. If you wish to highlight a unique text, then drag and drop the Highlight tool inside required area. You have the option to alter the hue of highlighted area as given below.


9. Under the Page tab, you could find tools such as Move, Delete, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Append, Crop and Restore All which help to manipulate pages. If you wish to switch page order of your respective PDF file, then you can use Move tool. Suppose you wish to move the 13th page to between 5th and 6th pages, then click the Move tool once the cursor is around the 13th page and you'll get a window. Choose 6 in the drop down (as you desire to make 13th page since the 6th page now) and click on Select. Now, the 13th page be between 5th and 6th pages.

10. If you would like to delete a selected page, click on the Delete tool once the cursor is for the particular page which is to become deleted. You can rotate the contents right of left using Rotate Left and Rotate Right tools respectively. You can append and crop the content using Append and Crop options. You can also restore the modifications you made with Restore All tool.


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