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Easily Send Very Large Files With AnySend

anysend_teaserTransferring files between computers can be a pain. Whether you are seeking to send a file from one of your family computers to another, otherwise you need to send a number of documents to someone else, the procedure can seem more complicated than it has to be.

With AnySend, you can eliminate the should attach files to emails, and simplify the upload-to-the-cloud-download-from-the-cloud proven fact that has become the norm.

The app brings drag and drop sharing for a Windows desktop, enabling you to share files of the size easily and quickly.


Head for the AnySend website and then click the “Free Download” button to get a copy of the software.

Once the file’s downloaded, tell you the installation. There are no unusual settings to think about here, so it is possible to just race through the process in a handful of moments.


When you wish to send one or more files to someone, regardless of whether they happen to be an AnySend user; all you need is their email address.

If you appear at the desktop, you’ll pointed out that there is a large hotair balloon icon visible to a single side in the screen - here is the widget that’s used to upload files.


Select and drag some files that you would like to send to someone (or yourself), and drop them onto the balloon widget icon.

The first-time you do this, go through the Gmail-style M icon on the upper right with the popup that appears to register an email with the software. Enter your email address and click on “Send”.


Wait for any confirmation email to get sent out for you, go through the link it contains and you’re willing to continue using the app. This step is one area you won’t have to do again, once activation is complete, your best files can be sent to someone.

Type the email address in the intended recipient (you can enter several if you like) and press “Enter”. Add a message in case you want and click on the “Send” button.


It’s as elementary as that. The person or people you've got opted for you files to will get an email containing a download link.

Should you find that you are using a computer that you are unable to install software on, you can use the AnySend website to deliver files to a new machine. Return on the AnySend website and you can drag and drop files onto the white area on the right of the page - you are able to also the “Browse” button should you prefer.


You’ll then find a download link that may be copied and pasted into an email to transmit to anyone you need to share the files with.

Visiting the hyperlink gives the recipient the chance to down the files either from the AnySend website or by installing the app and downloading with the software.


That’s all there is certainly to it - one in the easiest ways to share with you files, specially when you’re working with large documents.

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