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Check Your WiFi Connection – Who is Using Your Internet Connection?

WiFi connections have grown to be so popular and therefore are widely accepted nowadays for a number of reasons. Using a WiFi connected computer, laptop, or device will surely have many advantages. For example, you can have more than one device connected to the same internet without any wires in order to connect.

In spite of all of these benefits, there are various risk factors related to WiFi connections. Even an outsider that's within the range of your wireless router might be able to access your WiFi, specifically if you do not have any wireless security occur place.

Of course, that may gobble up bandwidth of course, if your Internet bill is founded on bandwidth usage, you'll have to pay another amount for your usage of someone else that you don’t even know. This might also cause other security concerns because the connection is registered beneath your name as well as an unknown person are capable of doing malicious activities utilizing your account. So, it is highly necessary to take security measures to prevent such anonymous access of your WiFi connection. If you thought we would share your Wifi connection deliberately then these are great facts to consider.

As the saying goes “prevention is preferable to cure”, you should make sure none can misuse your internet connectivity. As today’s hackers are smarter plus much more intelligent than ever before, you need to know methods to verify that others are stealing your WiFi bandwidth. Below are few simple steps to check your WiFi link to see if there are any uninvited guests.

Check if Others are Using your WiFi Connection

1. Go to your wireless router and check for the indicator lights. Your wireless router will have indicator lights for hardwired network connections. So, to verify that others are utilizing your WiFi connection, you need to shut down all devices that access Internet. If some of the indicator lights are still blinking, that means that outsiders are stealing your WiFi connection. This may be the easiest and quickest method to ensure whether others are utilizing your WiFi connection. But, you have to be sure that each and every WiFi device is power down or unplugged before checking the indicator lights.

2. You can check the important points of devices connected to your WiFi using network admin method. To access the network administrative console, you should log to the console using your router’s IP address.

3. If one does not know the router’s IP address, check out Start -> Run and enter “cmd” to acquire a window as given below. The value corresponding to “Default Gateway” will be your router’s IP address. Here are some different ways to find your router IP address.

find your router IP address

4. You need to type your router’s IP address in any browser window (chrome, traveler or any browser) to login to the network administrative console. This console can help you get information regarding your wireless network actions. Once you type the router’s IP address in a very browser window, you will definately get a login screen as given below.

enter you router password

5. Enter the username and password to obtain a screen as given below (The interface of the network administrative console differs from router to router. This screen is of D-Link router. If you are using an alternative router including Netgear or Linksys, the screen is likewise different. In short, it really is not necessary which you will get a similar screen as given below.)

number of wireless clients

6. Find the section which provides details of connected devices and related information. The information can be available under different menus in the case of different routers. You might have to go to different links to obtain the correction section. There you could learn details like MAC address, IP address and signal strength and so forth of just about every device associated with your router currently.

7. Check whether you will find other IP addresses that will not belong to your systems in the list.

If you do not understand the IP addresses of of your computers, then head to Start -> Run and enter “cmd” and inside the black window enter “ipconfig /all”. That is one in the networking commands. Now you will get the list of IP addresses, which are connected to your router. So, check this list against their email list shown in the network admin console. The MAC address is the physical address with the computer and it is a unique hexadecimal code to distinguish different systems inside the network.

Other Ways To See Who is on MY WIFI

If you are not confident or experienced enough using network admin console, then you can definitely go for easy-to-use 3rd party software applications, which will help you do the identical check. You can try software applications such as “Who Is on My WiFi” to distinguish intruders in your network.

You ought to just download and install the application. Then, clicking on the Scan button, you will definately get the list of most computers on the wireless network. Now, see if any unknown addresses are shown inside the list.

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