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Alternative to Skype: 3 Free Apps That Bring Better Audio/Visual Quality

skype-alternatives-thumbWhen you are looking for audio or video communication through the Internet, Skype is the one that everyone's heard of and are using. However, apart from Skype, there are other similar services which provide audio/video communication features. In this article, we'll look into some free apps that offers better audio/video communication than Skype.



VSee is often a video conferencing and screen sharing service which works much like Skype. VSee uses less bandwidth and offers higher quality car stereo as compared to Skype. The greatest good thing about VSee over any other video communication service is that the users can share their screen with other users and make use of annotation tools for meetings and discussions.

The free version of VSee supports only one screen share per day with unlimited group video calls.



ooVoo attempts to give the user much more options mainly for video communication. ooVoo provides high quality video and audio experience to the user. The user can easily see videos completely screen mode making use of the screen real estate. Probably the biggest options that come with ooVoo, this differentiate it with other competitors, are video recording of phone calls and video messaging.

With ooVoo, users can send video messages together while recording live conversations. Another exciting feature of ooVoo is the watch together feature. With watch together, a persons are able to watch movies online together while remotely connected together.

The free version of ooVoo allows as much as 12 people to connect to one another in a group call.



Viber first commenced as a free mobile voice call service, and contains recently venture into the desktop market as well. It is now available for Windows and Mac alongside the different mobile platforms it supports. The biggest benefit of Viber is that once you are attached to it out of your mobile, all of your contacts inside the phone are put into your Viber account and you may access them starting from the desktop too.

Other similar apps

If not one of the above three appeal to your interest, allow me to share more alternatives to Skype which you can use.

Google Hangouts - Especially a good choice for group video calls. Each member needs to have Google ID so that you can log into Google Hangouts.

UberConference - A specialized conferencing service with social integration.

Tokbox - A highly configurable tool for webmasters who want to integrate video communication right with their own websites.

Jitsi - A good replacement for Skype too as various instant messaging apps.

Voxox - An all in one communications app that accompany integrated faxing service.

Facetime - Facetime might be termed as the Skype for Mac. Apple offers Facetime service which is compatible and free just for Mac/iPhone users.

Tinychat - A very simple service with no registration required. Provides interactive video up to 12 people at the same time.


While there are lots of alternatives to Skype, may very well not have heard of them. Hopefully this list of apps and services can present you with a better insight of the many voice/video call apps which you can use and not limiting yourself to just one choice.

Which will be your favorite app or service for audio/video communication?

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