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14 Tools to Help Automate the Link Building Process


There always comes an area in a web link builder’s career when they start to struggle with finding new approaches to build links. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to inspire you. The following are the top tools that will help you generate backlink building queries, guest post queries, content ideas, plus more!

Link Building Query Tools

Can’t think about good ways to discover linking opportunities? These building links query tools will help you generate some great search phrases.

Solo SEO Link Search Tool - Simply enter a keyword or phrase and receive 50 related link building queries.

BuzzStream Link Building Query Generator - Enter information about your brand, the competitors and your market which tool will generate linking queries which can be likely to uncover good link opportunities.

Ontolo’s Generate Link Building Queries Tool - Enter keywords and phrases and select the sort of link opportunities you’re aiming to discover.

The Ultimate Link Building Query Generator - Google Docs spreadsheet that assists you generate building links queries.

SEO Frogs French Link Building Tool - With Ontolo’s help, we created a French linkbuilding query generator to help your seek out link prospects. Enter your keyword below and begin finding new link opportunities!

SEOBook Link Suggest - This tool generates Google and Yahoo! looks for your keyword + the word from the keyword list. Keep in mind that the value of a link is commonly going to be at least partly inversely proportional to how easy it really is to get.

Webcomfs Backlink Builder - This tools looks for websites of the theme you specify which contain keyphrases like “Add link”, “Add site”, “Add URL”, “Add URL”, “Submit URL”, “Add Article” etc. Most in the results could be quality potential backlinks.

Guest Blogging Query Tools

Planning to create links and visibility through guest blogging? These tools will allow you to find the queries you need to discover great guest blogging opportunities.

Guest Blogging Query Generator - If you use guest blogging for backlink building, this generator can help you find opportunities based on a particular keyword or phrase.

Guest Post Search Generator - This free SEO tool enables you to add any keyword that'll be plugged into a Google Docs spreadsheet with popular keyword phrases for finding guest posts in a very specific niche or industry.

Link Opportunity Finder Tools

If you wish to skip the queries, these tools can help you find actual link opportunities you could go and phone immediately.

Link Prospector - This tool permits you to search for specific link opportunities for the business (or perhaps your client’s) including guest posts, giveaways, comments, directories, blog, link pages, interviews, forums, organizations, and much more. You can try the tool for free, and after that choose from pay as you go plans (starting at $2 per credit) or monthly recurring plans (starting at $27 monthly).

Local Citation Finder - If you are linking for a local company marketing, Whitespark’s tool may help you find specific link opportunities based on the vertical and. You can try the tool free of charge (with limited results) and after that choose monthly plans starting at $20.

Link Bait Idea Tools

Link Bait Generator - Simply enter a keyword, and this tool will provide you with link worthy content ideas that you can use for websites, infographics, videos, along with other types of content.

Quandry’s Content Idea Generator - This tool asks you 18 questions regarding your (or maybe your client’s) products and services. Then, it generates a huge selection of ideas for blogs, articles, tweets, whitepapers, ebooks, podcasts, and other types of content.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator - This tool lets you enter a keyword or phrase and this will not only produce a title, nonetheless it will show you the thing that makes the title appealing for your audience.

What will be the favorite tools to automate linking?

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