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OnePlaylist: consolidates music tracks from multiple services into stylish playlists

If you are going to multiple online music venues (e.g. YouTube, Grooveshark, among others) to be controlled by songs, it’s time and energy to mature to the next level: OnePlaylist is really a web app that lets you manage songs from Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark, Rdio, while others into consolidated playlists that can all be played from a single place.

OnePlaylist is really a very simple concept that could transform how we listen to music on the internet in one stroke, and convert it into a much more stylish mp3 music player style experience. Currently in Beta, it can find tracks on YouTube or import tracks from Spotify (while you currently have to manually copy the HTTP link for each and every Spotify track and paste it into OnePlaylist to carry out so). But OnePlaylist’s future ambitions include support for a lot of more online music services. A few which can be mentioned about the OnePlaylist site (and not yet supported for the beta version we tested) are Deezer, Grooveshark, and Rdio.

OnePlayList Screenshot1

Aside from consolidating online tracks into playlists, OnePlaylist comes with a interesting search functionality that doesn't only finds tracks, but other playlists that includes the track, in addition to entire albums which contain the track or how the OnePlaylist search algorithm finds to be relevant (which sometimes isn't clear, your purpose in getting the particular search engine results that you are). Other people’s playlists or albums could be added for a ‘collection’ with the press of the mouse button, naturally. I will claim that it is unclear if you ask me if these playlists/albums are YouTube playlists or if they're created by other OnePlaylist users.

In nevertheless, the search ability functions pretty much as a music recommendation engine, and I could look into other people’s playlists, find some interesting stuff, and add their playlists into my collection. Of course, in case you sign up using your Facebook info you can include your listening history to your Facebook timeline, etc.

The verdict:

If you listen to songs on YouTube but yearn for a fast and stylish strategy to organize your songs and create playlists, you'll like OnePlaylist. While currently during the early beta, it only offers support for YouTube and Spotify, although a few more are promised to come.

Note that early beta is invitation only, however it seems that they may be doling out invitations liberally (I got my invite within a day). One thing that drove me inside the wall, which I hope is going to be fixed going forward, will be the playlist creation process. Here’s how to do it: develop a playlists, then edit it, then add a track, then save it. Only then will the playlist be created last but not least appear in the left sidebar.

OnePlaylist is really a good strategy to liberate yourself from any individual online music service. While previously my thinking was that users typically like one (or two) online services, including Grooveshark or Spotify and keep with them, people at OnePlaylist apparently think that users would prefer to combine. Only time will tell if they may be correct on this assumption.

Having said this, I will say that OnePlaylist offers a very nice experience, and that I have used it a lot more than I thought I would. Check it out for yourself.

Get OnePlaylist here (register to request a beta invite, I got one within twenty four hours).

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TITAN Taichi TP-15TC & TP-25TC 2-in-1 USB Charger Review

TITAN Taichi TP-15TC & TP-25TC 2-in-1 USB Charger Introduction:

A long drive is pretty boring without some really good old Blues to keep me going. I’m sufficiently fortunate to get have a Bluetooth receiver integrated inside the sound system of the car, so I work with an Internet radio app on my small Android phone to be handled by my favorite channels. The data usage and also the streaming usually drain battery quite a bit and plugging the product in to the USB car charger is mandatory to help keep everything running. Most car chargers have one USB port and they are not really targeted at provide the 2.1A necessary for power hungry devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that I use. Power limitation aside, it begins to get a bit tricky when I have to plug inside the GPS, too, to some one port charger! It also gets really out of control when you will find passengers (especially your personal kids) using their own devices to charge. Usually the car ultimately ends up being a dictatorship where my music takes precedence over everyone else’s needs! So you can imagine my joy and relief when I received both the USB car chargers that I will likely be reviewing for you personally today. The TITAN Taichi TP-15TC & TP-25TC 2in1 USB Charger units solved all of my problems and provided extra utility added to that.

The Taichi TP-15TC and Taichi TP-25TC are part from the Power Series manufacturer product line from TITAN Technology Limited, a Taiwanese company established in 1989. I have to state that my only interaction with all the company so far was that of a puzzled man trying to make sense of a CPU cooler advertising banner with wolves in it. My whole perspective changed after having a quick tour on the company’s websites (it has an old website plus it seems that things are all being migrated towards the new - and better looking - one). TITAN Technology Limited posseses an impressive product catalog including fans, CPU coolers, cables, chargers, and power inverters. Today I will probably be looking at the Taichi TP-15TC and Taichi TP-25TC 2in1 USB Chargers. First I will perform the presentations, only then do we will talk performance.

TITAN Taichi TP-15TC 2-in-1 USB Charger Closer Look:

The Taichi TP-15TC comes in a box manufactured from glossy thick paper which has a small peek window for the top. The box generally is covered in text, logos, photos. The top shows the TITAN logo, name, along with a section of the clear window. The front is definitely the item inside by name while reminding the possible buyers that is not your average USB charger; it's also a car battery tester! It entirely possible that the patent is still pending because of this device with a max creation of 3A combined between both the USB ports available. The left side reiterates some of the previous info then displays a tiny picture with the charger having a legend showing where everything is located. Towards the bottom a directory of compatible portable devices is listed. Tablets, GPS, Cameras, Smart Phones; you name it and also the Taichi TP-15TC looks like it's able to handle it as a result of its two USB ports rated respectively at 1A and a pair of.4A.

The back in the box shows a translation from the tag-line "Innovative combination: USB charger and Car battery tester" in eight languages. A QR Code is available for those who want more information from the website around the spot. The specifications in the device are displayed for the bottom section. The right side from the box illustrates the way the Taichi TP-15TC translates the car battery charge status into a simple three color code through red, yellow, and green LEDs. A table is protected to help you determine what the different lights mean. If you are inside green, you might be good to go I guess.

The device is made from solid plastic and has a good feel to it despite it being very light-weight. It sports a distinctive design based on the YinYang theme and a few cool Chinese characters that read Taichi about the black side in the device. A cooling vent within the shape in the YinYang symbol is present on the white side. The face in the device gets the three car battery diagnostic LED lights, one USB 1A port, one USB 2.4A port, and a switch to select 24V or 12V depending for the car battery specs. Most cars will operate a 12V battery automatically.

TITAN Taichi TP-25TC 2-in-1 USB Charger Closer Look:

The Taichi TP-25TC is the four USB ports variant and is available in a slightly larger box compared to TP-15TC. The box is the same as the smaller version with regards to layout and info provided. The Taichi TP-25TC has a 5A total output, a 3A fuse, along with a bigger frame compared to TP-15TC; other than that, it is a replica in the smaller version. As you can see on the last picture, the LED lights are pretty bright, specially the red one. If it is not at optimal charge level, the TITAN Taichi will sure tell you that!

Email Signatures: The Old Rules and The New Rules

Email signatures were simple when I started using email back in the 1990s. The only rule was “4 lines or less.” It was section of a loose body of rules called Netiquette.

Today Netiquette may be forgotten. Email signatures can be found in a huge variety of types and formats. Some of them are offensive. Some of them are boring legal documents. Some of them are invisible as a result of a software misconfiguration.

If you would like an email signature that gets read, you need to start with the basics and  understanding how email signatures started.

Email Signature Basics

Email signatures will be the lines that your email program automatically puts following every message. They was once limited to plain text mothers and fathers of plain-text emails, these days they can include HTML-fancy fonts, creative colors, and pretty pictures.

But I suggest that you simply stick with plain text email signatures. Why? Everybody can read plain text, but HTML only displays correctly on desktops and laptops. People who use older computers plus some Smartphones won’t have the ability to see your fancy HTML signatures.

Worse, the use of an image inside your email signatures, it’ll apt to be blocked by many spam filters-even if you’re sending an innocent message for your grandmother.

The Original Email Signatures

Email began without From addresses. When you got a note with your inbox, it was anonymous unless someone signed it. But people then were as lazy as buyers, so a lot of people innocently forgot to sign their emails.

Someone, I don’t know who, probably got fed up with this situation. I suspect he got one too many accidentally anonymous notes saying, “Hey, for those who have a moment are you able to drop by my office. It’s important.” So our forgotten frustrated programmer made the .signature file (called “dot signature” or “dot sig” by us old-timers.

The valuables in your dot signature file could be automatically inserted into any email you sent. Assuming your dot signature file included your business, because so many did, you can safely send a contact knowing the recipient would know whom it came from.

Email Signatures Evolve

Email quickly grew and yes it would eventually add the To and From address fields to permit email to transfer in one computer to a new. Yet all of the old users still had dot signature files and they also continued to use them.

By the time I got on the Internet, most people were using dedicated email programs (the earliest email users didn’t have a program for writing emails, simply for sending them-it absolutely was called Sendmail). These programs included a built-in dot signature declare email signatures.

Some people went somewhat crazy with their email signatures. In days past of text only, ASCII (text) art was popular and a few people would even include page-long text renditions of contemporary Playboy models inside their email signatures.

Somebody was required to lay down what the law states. Again, I don’t know who first made the rule, but anyone from those days can remember the four-line dot signature rule. Zealots enforced it, ridiculing anyone who dare incorporate a fifth line.

Email Signatures Today

Email signatures saw an alteration when email programs started to support HTML. Suddenly people began tinkering with email signatures again-they could now include different fonts, colors, pictures. Although I haven’t seen anything from Playboy, I have seen some woolly things in email signatures.

But the old four-line rule still has it’s proponents-including me. Four lines of plain text is enough space to talk all the essential details. Plus everyone is able to read plain text-from email programs stuck in the 1980s to Smartphone users with striped-down email programs. If you desire people to read your email signatures, four lines of text is, for me, the ultimate way to go.

Making Email Signatures Work For You

Email signatures can assist you find a new job or advertise your small business-but only if you utilize them right. Done wrong, email signatures could make people think you’re incompetent and even make them hate you.

The Work An Email Signature Can Do For You

If you are writing a good email, people aren’t just going to read it. They’re gonna wonder about the person who wrote it. They’re planning to forward that email to other people. They’re going to save that email for years to come.

But in case you don’t permit these visitors to find out more about you, they’re likely to get distracted about something more important interesting and maybe forget all about yourself. That’s a lost opportunity.

Email signatures are your chance at self promotion. (Or an opportunity to promote a cause you strongly support.)

A plain text link in the bottom of my email has driven almost as many website visitors to my website as my most popular articles do. Links in your email signatures are able to do the same for you personally.

How To Format Email Signatures

The old-school rule for email signatures is “keep to four lines max.” You don’t should follow this rule anymore, but I suggest you are attempting to-especially should you send email to email mailing lists. A four-line signature is concise and simple to see all at one time, so nothing you say will probably be missed.

Don’t make the number one email signature rookie mistake and include your email address in your email signatures-anybody who’s reading your email has your email address in the From header. Repeating your email address in your signature enables you to look like a novice.

The # 2 rookie mistake is placing a quote with your signature. There are exceptions to this particular rule, however in most cases a quote inside your email signatures will either offend, anger, or disappoint a number of your readers-or get them to think you’re pretentious.

The main exception on the above rule is quotes related for a business-customer testimonials, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or even a guarantee. Still-be careful about by using these quotes.

What You Want Email Signatures To Do

There are two things you need email signatures to accomplish:

1.   Help people learn more about you or your business.

2.   Get individuals to take action.

A simple text link in your home page will satisfy the first criteria. If you’re looking for a job, consider linking straight in your résumé (but be very, careful about sending email to your current boss and co-workers).

Getting people to take action is harder. The best way to get website visitors to take action is to promise them a reward-but what type of reward are you able to promise in email signatures without looking campy?

I suggest you offer them free useful advice. For example, you are able to put a link for a blog in your email signatures next for the phrase, “Read my all-time top [whatever you blog about].”

This 's what marketers and salespeople call a “call to action” and, should your call is enticing enough, every time they visit your email signatures work for you personally.

Lian Li PC-9N Review

Lian Li PC-9N Introduction:

This is my first brush with Lian Li - I know the business, but I had never really seen any product close up. So I did a little shopping around. Lian Li had become 1983, so it has been in business for three decades making aluminum cases. In 2009 a subsidiary called LanCool may be making non-aluminum cases aimed at the gamer and enthusiast. But Lian Li comes with an impressive variety of aluminum cases from entry level to high end in about every style and size you can think of. It even contains the PC-CK101, which can be shaped like a steam engine. Equally impressive is the variety of chassis accessories, external harddrive and NAS (Network Attached Storage) enclosures, and power supplies.

Today we have the all aluminum PC-9N in black (silver can be available), that is a mid tower (ATX / micro ATX) case with room for about a 430mm long graphics card.

Lian Li PC-9N Closer Look:

Here we have the box. The sides and ends are the same, so I only have a single shot of each one. Nothing fancy inside graphics department. I can see that there are what appears to be a side vent, perhaps big enough for two fans, and I prefer that. And really, very little more about true features. And that is fine because honestly, I am usually anxious to have busy while using details and I do not much attention to this area. However, in case you are at the computer store and have the luxury of Internet access, it can be nice as a way to compare every one of the features and options between cases, that's why the lamp often plays the role with the salesperson.

The plastic bag does its job and keeps the situation clean and dust free during storage and shipping, along with the heavy Styrofoam end caps be sure that rough handling won't leave your case banged up.

Out of the therapy lamp and packing, true looks nice. Brushed aluminum and anodized black. Now we have been ready to take a closer look on the exterior. As I consider the packaging off, I am again reminded how light this case is. I like the big side vent.

Why Your SEO Strategy Fails To Deliver? Top 6 Reasons!

Search Engine Optimization, also is known as SEO is the process of increasing website visitors to a website from search engines. With the increasing cost of marketing, many smaller than average medium scale businesses prefer SEO for their primary marketing tactic. But not these who do SEO succeed. There are plenty of reasons behind an SEO technique to fail as well as in this article, I am going to discuss regarding the top six factors behind that!

1) No Long Term Vision:

Most of the business owners believe SEO is often a one time benefit a period of six to twelve months, and post that period you shouldn't have for it. This perspective is one from the primary reasons for many SEO ways of miss their mark. In truth, SEO strategy needs to be prepared in such a way to create and offer “value” for your business throughout its lifetime. If it’s not, that will be doomed to failure.

2) Lack Of Proper Strategy:

Most self-proclaimed SEO experts will not have a proper SEO strategy in place to improve your business rankings. Also most from the times, the business owners tend not to worry in regards to the SEO tactic utilized by the so-called experts prior to getting them, simply because they simply believe that SEO just isn't for them plus they don’t need to understand it. This lack of attention from business owners will give the upper hand to self-proclaimed experts and so they will start the campaign with no real strategy available. Without a suitable strategy in place, how do your website rankings will improve?

3) Improper Alignment:

Many SEO experts currently build a lot of random links for the business from relevant websites inside the name of SEO. Although sometimes this method pushes your internet site rankings temporarily, you won’t get long-term benefits. If you would have to get lifetime traffic and build strong link reputation, your SEO strategy ought to be aligned with all the current new link variables that happen to be: relevancy, progression, and participation, age of links, diversity and consistency.

4) Using Competitors SEO Plan:

Following your competition SEO campaign will surely help you to see the level of SEO these are implementing for his or her website, but employing their SEO strategy for your website won't help to rank it. You may appear to get better rankings using the competitors SEO plan, but you will never be in a position to outrank them. So, always develop a unique SEO plan for the business and implement it to acquire succeeded.

5) Wrong Expectations:

Business owners, who will be not aware of SEO, tend to buy into the short SEO schemes advertised by the so-called experts, with good expectations. But you know what, all these quick SEO action plans may ultimately fail to further improve your website rankings. So, possibly some quick rankings SEO strategies advertised somewhere inside the internet, just move along and don’t buy into it. Take a look at this information to find out, what you can realistically ecpect from a SEO campaign.

6) Forgetting the Clients:

An SEO strategy should help your web visitors and bring them value. But most of the SEO strategies just forget this part, and concentrate solely on building links to manipulate the search engines like yahoo for rankings. An SEO plan without providing any value to customers, could eventually doomed to failure. So, always create value using your SEO plan, flip it and them convert the contributes to customers.

These are some with the top reasons for an SEO process to miss its mark. So, stay away from these mistakes while prepare your next SEO plan.

By Sathishkumar Varatharajan

Sathishkumar Varatharajan

The author of this information, Sathishkumar Varatharajan is an SEO expert from India. His SEO consultancy, Kudo Metrics helps people to get value because of their money by providing working SEO strategies for business!

Sathishkumar Varatharajan

What Should Have Been the Focus of the JOBS Movie? [Poll]

Although the JOBS movie is definitely now hitting theaters, there was plenty of early criticism over it. While everyone agrees the casting of Ashton Kutcher within the lead roll was surprising but fitting, critics can’t appear to agree with what are the movie should have focused on. With a biopic of of these an important man, what part of his life should have been the focus?


Everyone knows who Steve Jobs was. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Apple fan or otherwise. He’s the guy who first introduced the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod, and even iTunes. But before all of that, as legend has it, he invented the Apple computer in a garage with Steve “Woz” Wozniak. Critics feel that’s all of the JOBS movie targets, though, merely a timeline of Apple computers, even omitting the years when Jobs was fired and took the helm of other businesses. They hired an actor to learn him who performed an uncanny resemblance, but didn’t apparently focus enough on the man himself.

How should this are actually portrayed inside movie? What should have been the target of the JOBS movie?

Take Our Poll

Here would be the results of last week’s poll:


Half of those responding feel they themselves must be responsible for protecting their privacy for the web. They don’t want anyone else to be up against that burden. An equal number of readers glance at the responsibility should lie either with all the browser they are using or individual websites. Just a handful feel it needs to be left approximately their Internet service provider, Google, or their main system. Only one percent believe this responsibility should lie with advertisers.

How To Protect Your Computer Without Spending Money

You should know how to protect your computer prior to buying it, but not enough people worry about computer safety until after they’ve been burned along with their bank accounts are empty. If that’s the truth, or if you need to learn about computer safety without spending lots of money, supply the following tips a shot.

Enable The Windows Firewall

All versions of Windows since Windows XP attended with a built-in firewall which is just as effective every other firewall product available on the market, so employing this free tool won’t set you back later.

A firewall blocks hackers and viruses after they try to connect with your computer over the Internet or older your local network. It works by refusing to take any connection which isn’t a reply to a connection it previously started. It’s like making use of your phone to generate outgoing calls but blocking any incoming calls which means you don’t have to listen to telemarketers.

Firewalls are so simple that they’re all equally effective. The only real difference in firewalls are how easy they're to configure. The Windows firewall is not hard to enable, nonetheless it doesn’t include any easy method to configure a number of the advanced features. People who need those advanced features might want to buy another firewall product, most users of Windows will probably be fine with the free Windows firewall.

Free Anti-virus

Firewalls block active threats to your personal computer and they do their job so well that hackers today focus the majority of their attention on helping you achieve run viruses directly, called passive threats simply because they don’t do anything until you run them.

There are two ways to protect your computer from passive threats. The first is to prevent make a mistake: never open any files you download from email or Internet, never install any program that you just don’t entirely trust, never run macros in the document, and not do a number of other things which may allow the herpes virus to install itself on your pc.

For a lot of people, avoiding these risks is impractical. You bought your personal computer to use it, not only to play Windows Solitaire. So the other solution is to utilize an anti-virus program which checks the files and programs you employ before you utilize them to check if they’re infected using a virus. It’s form of like a school nurse who sends home sick kids before they are able to infect all others at the school.

There are plenty of anti-virus programs on the Web and almost all of them have a price. If you’re planning to spend money on anti-virus, I recommend you get it through the biggest company you can-the big companies sponsor security researchers who find viruses quicker than the overworked staff at smaller companies.

But you may also get free anti-virus software from AVG. The free version doesn’t include numerous features as the paid version, but it’s usually equally as good since the big names in security as well as cost can’t be beat.

Secure Your Connection

If you hook up to the Internet over the wireless connection fitness center on the go, you will be putting yourself at increased chance of identity theft.

Many wireless connections don’t include any built-in security, so most of the information you transmit over the Internet could be intercepted by other people in variety of your wireless network. (Some hackers use directional antennas to snoop on those people who are up with a few miles away.)

What kind of information does one send over the Internet? If you employ unsecured webmail, POP, IMAP, or SMTP, every email you send or receive might be intercepted-that includes emails which has a password reset. Every unsecured webpage you download may be read, together with your Facebook along with other social media sites. Any business application you use which will not encrypt its connection also can have its data intercepted, and your boss could hold you responsible for the loss of data.

How can you protect your computer from this threat? At home it’s easy: configure your router to make use of a secure connection. For current-generation routers this is actually easy. Tell your router to make use of WPS encryption as well as set a password. Then educate laptop to connect to the secured connection and press the WPS button on top of your router-the router will educate laptop the password plus your laptop will automatically configure itself.

For public wireless at coffee houses, there isn’t much you're able to do to secure your connection if passwords aren’t enabled by default. My advice: be cautious what you do and use the secure versions of GMail, Facebook, along with other important sites you visit.

Beware Freeware

As I mentioned earlier, one of the ways viruses get onto your system is by convincing you to put in them. But it’s not just viruses which get onto your computer this way: it’s also spyware and other bad programs (malware).

Hackers and unscrupulous types build websites for programs promising great features if you just install their programs and-as a bonus-their programs cost nothing.

Remember the old saying-if it sounds too good really was, it probably isn’t. After you install these programs, you’ll probably discover that they don’t do whatever they promised. They’re also probably buggy instead of really useful whatsoever.

The concern is that you can’t uninstall these programs. Oh, sure, there’s an entry in Add/Remove Programs that states uninstall this software-but it doesn’t actually work. (The programmer who writes the installation script also writes the uninstallation script, if he doesn’t want one to remove this software, as in the truth of malware, he just creates a dummy uninstallation program.)

If one does get malware installed on your personal computer this way, there’s tough way to remove it. Several companies maintain databases pc files and whether or not they belong to known malware. You can use their database to spot the files installed by the malware and take off them, but this can be a time-consuming and dangerous process-dangerous because treatment of wrong file from your personal machine can break it.

The best solution of which I’m aware is always to only download programs that are recommended by a trustworthy tech site-sites which inform you how to protect your computer.

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Copy Title & URL Of Current Or All Chrome Tabs With TabInfoCopy

If there’s something that you spend most of your internet time on, it’s your internet browser - a gateway that connects that you the ever expanding world wide web. For many of us, that would be Chrome, containing immensely grown since its inception to become the most widely used web browser in the world. What makes it so excellent - besides its speedy browsing engine, needless to say - can be a variety of Google Chrome apps and extensions that further unleash its capabilities. Previously, we’ve covered a plethora of Chrome extensions to improve user experience one of the ways or the other. TabInfoCopy is another great Chrome extension that allows that you quickly copy the selected tab’s title and URL to the clipboard, enabling you to paste the knowledge anywhere with ease.

The extension could be very useful in different ways. For instance, it is simple to share URLs and tab titles of your respective current browser session having a friend or colleague via email or social websites. Likewise, in the event you don’t desire to link your Google account with Chrome to sync tabs between multiple PCs, TabInfoCopy can come in handy to selectively copy required tabs’ information and migrate them among different machines.

You can install the extension from Chrome Web Store via the link provided after this post. Once installed, CopyTabInfo  adds an icon towards the address bar. This button allows that you copy the data of not simply the currently active tab, but also for all the tabs in the current window, or even all of the tabs in all of the Chrome windows that you might have open, depending on your choice.

Chrome Web Store - TabInfoCopy

Now here’s the interesting part. The usage from the extension involves clicking this button an alternative number of times in order to copy your desired sort of information. A single click allows that you copy information with the selected tab only, while double-clicking it copies titles and URLS of every one of the tabs in current window. Then there’s and a triple click option that copies information for all those tabs in every currently opened Chrome windows. Upon clicking this button in either of these three ways, it automatically turns green for a shorter moment, indicating that this information has become copied for the clipboard.

TabInfoCopy Button

The second step is to simply paste the copied information to the required location, whether it be an email, a social websites website or any text document. Pretty handy, right?


In a nutshell, TabInfoCopy can be a lightweight yet powerful extension that works well because of its programmed purpose. Testing in the extension was completed on Google Chrome Version 28.

Install TabInfoCopy from Chrome Web Store

Read Copy Title & URL Of Current Or All Chrome Tabs With TabInfoCopy by Waqas Ahmed on

14 Tools to Help Automate the Link Building Process


There always comes an area in a web link builder’s career when they start to struggle with finding new approaches to build links. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to inspire you. The following are the top tools that will help you generate backlink building queries, guest post queries, content ideas, plus more!

Link Building Query Tools

Can’t think about good ways to discover linking opportunities? These building links query tools will help you generate some great search phrases.

Solo SEO Link Search Tool - Simply enter a keyword or phrase and receive 50 related link building queries.

BuzzStream Link Building Query Generator - Enter information about your brand, the competitors and your market which tool will generate linking queries which can be likely to uncover good link opportunities.

Ontolo’s Generate Link Building Queries Tool - Enter keywords and phrases and select the sort of link opportunities you’re aiming to discover.

The Ultimate Link Building Query Generator - Google Docs spreadsheet that assists you generate building links queries.

SEO Frogs French Link Building Tool - With Ontolo’s help, we created a French linkbuilding query generator to help your seek out link prospects. Enter your keyword below and begin finding new link opportunities!

SEOBook Link Suggest - This tool generates Google and Yahoo! looks for your keyword + the word from the keyword list. Keep in mind that the value of a link is commonly going to be at least partly inversely proportional to how easy it really is to get.

Webcomfs Backlink Builder - This tools looks for websites of the theme you specify which contain keyphrases like “Add link”, “Add site”, “Add URL”, “Add URL”, “Submit URL”, “Add Article” etc. Most in the results could be quality potential backlinks.

Guest Blogging Query Tools

Planning to create links and visibility through guest blogging? These tools will allow you to find the queries you need to discover great guest blogging opportunities.

Guest Blogging Query Generator - If you use guest blogging for backlink building, this generator can help you find opportunities based on a particular keyword or phrase.

Guest Post Search Generator - This free SEO tool enables you to add any keyword that'll be plugged into a Google Docs spreadsheet with popular keyword phrases for finding guest posts in a very specific niche or industry.

Link Opportunity Finder Tools

If you wish to skip the queries, these tools can help you find actual link opportunities you could go and phone immediately.

Link Prospector - This tool permits you to search for specific link opportunities for the business (or perhaps your client’s) including guest posts, giveaways, comments, directories, blog, link pages, interviews, forums, organizations, and much more. You can try the tool for free, and after that choose from pay as you go plans (starting at $2 per credit) or monthly recurring plans (starting at $27 monthly).

Local Citation Finder - If you are linking for a local company marketing, Whitespark’s tool may help you find specific link opportunities based on the vertical and. You can try the tool free of charge (with limited results) and after that choose monthly plans starting at $20.

Link Bait Idea Tools

Link Bait Generator - Simply enter a keyword, and this tool will provide you with link worthy content ideas that you can use for websites, infographics, videos, along with other types of content.

Quandry’s Content Idea Generator - This tool asks you 18 questions regarding your (or maybe your client’s) products and services. Then, it generates a huge selection of ideas for blogs, articles, tweets, whitepapers, ebooks, podcasts, and other types of content.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator - This tool lets you enter a keyword or phrase and this will not only produce a title, nonetheless it will show you the thing that makes the title appealing for your audience.

What will be the favorite tools to automate linking?

Author Bio:

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Alternative to Skype: 3 Free Apps That Bring Better Audio/Visual Quality

skype-alternatives-thumbWhen you are looking for audio or video communication through the Internet, Skype is the one that everyone's heard of and are using. However, apart from Skype, there are other similar services which provide audio/video communication features. In this article, we'll look into some free apps that offers better audio/video communication than Skype.



VSee is often a video conferencing and screen sharing service which works much like Skype. VSee uses less bandwidth and offers higher quality car stereo as compared to Skype. The greatest good thing about VSee over any other video communication service is that the users can share their screen with other users and make use of annotation tools for meetings and discussions.

The free version of VSee supports only one screen share per day with unlimited group video calls.



ooVoo attempts to give the user much more options mainly for video communication. ooVoo provides high quality video and audio experience to the user. The user can easily see videos completely screen mode making use of the screen real estate. Probably the biggest options that come with ooVoo, this differentiate it with other competitors, are video recording of phone calls and video messaging.

With ooVoo, users can send video messages together while recording live conversations. Another exciting feature of ooVoo is the watch together feature. With watch together, a persons are able to watch movies online together while remotely connected together.

The free version of ooVoo allows as much as 12 people to connect to one another in a group call.



Viber first commenced as a free mobile voice call service, and contains recently venture into the desktop market as well. It is now available for Windows and Mac alongside the different mobile platforms it supports. The biggest benefit of Viber is that once you are attached to it out of your mobile, all of your contacts inside the phone are put into your Viber account and you may access them starting from the desktop too.

Other similar apps

If not one of the above three appeal to your interest, allow me to share more alternatives to Skype which you can use.

Google Hangouts - Especially a good choice for group video calls. Each member needs to have Google ID so that you can log into Google Hangouts.

UberConference - A specialized conferencing service with social integration.

Tokbox - A highly configurable tool for webmasters who want to integrate video communication right with their own websites.

Jitsi - A good replacement for Skype too as various instant messaging apps.

Voxox - An all in one communications app that accompany integrated faxing service.

Facetime - Facetime might be termed as the Skype for Mac. Apple offers Facetime service which is compatible and free just for Mac/iPhone users.

Tinychat - A very simple service with no registration required. Provides interactive video up to 12 people at the same time.


While there are lots of alternatives to Skype, may very well not have heard of them. Hopefully this list of apps and services can present you with a better insight of the many voice/video call apps which you can use and not limiting yourself to just one choice.

Which will be your favorite app or service for audio/video communication?

Get 1GB extra Dropbox space just for using Mailbox

Download a no cost app, connect it to your Dropbox account, and have 1GB more space totally free? Sign me up!

Jason Cipriani

August 20, 2013 9:32 AM PDT

(Credit: Jason Cipriani/CNET)

You remember Mailbox, right? The free iOS app that has been set to revolutionize just how we e-mail. With options to snooze and postpone e-mails from being visible inside our Inbox, it had been sure to be considered a hit! And it was; after a long list of users waiting to gain access to the service, Dropbox decided it had to acquire Mailbox.

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  • The Dropbox interface makes it simplallows you to share or sync files (pictures)

Fast-forward to today, and you'll find an iPad version of the app together with Dropbox integration (naturally) within the app. And with the Dropbox integration at heart, should you connect your Dropbox account to Mailbox, you'll automagically gain 1GB of free storage in your Dropbox account, as first reported by 9to5Toys.

Even in case you don't anticipate using Mailbox (which only works with Gmail accounts at this time) you can at least logon and connect the 2 apps, then delete Mailbox and get back on business as usual.

Connecting Mailbox to Dropbox is dead simple:

  • Download and install Mailbox on an iOS device in case you don't curently have it installed.

  • After logging in for your Gmail account, navigate to Mailbox's settings and select the "Dropbox" option. Then tap on "Add Dropbox Account."

  • If there is a Dropbox app set up on the same device, the app will launch and prompt you to grant Mailbox permission to get into your Dropbox account. If not, you must log in to Dropbox and authorize the app the old-fashioned way.

  • Profit?

As soon when you grant Mailbox access in your Dropbox account, your storage allotment increases by 1GB. If you already have both the services connected, unlink them inside the Mailbox settings menu and reauthorize. The bonus storage should then arrive.

Read the full CNET Review

Mailbox (iOS)

The important thing: If you want an uncluttered, low-maintenance e-mail client that will assist keep your inbox organized and empty, Mailbox may be the app for you. Read Full Review

Shine Online: 5 Tips for Developing Your Online Brand

Building a brandname online can feel like a daunting task. With so many social networking sites and tools, it can be hard to understand where to start. However, with careful planning, vision, and diligence, you can find your brand in tip top shape in the event you focus on a couple of key fundamentals. Check out these basic strategies for developing your internet presence and achieving your name available.

Identify Yourself

Before you start “branding” yourself you first need to determine your identity, like a person and/or as being a company. Ask yourself the question: Who am I? (And unless you’re Jean Valjean, the answer shouldn’t be 24601). What are your goals? What qualities, values, skills, and objectives make you who you happen to be? What face do you wish to project to the world?

Take time for you to really answer these questions. The answers will largely determine the direction of your respective brand and give life and dimension in your online presence. This identity will serve as the foundation for all your other branding efforts - so you should make sure you get it right.


Once you've got determined your identity, start building your internet presence accordingly. Social media is a great place to start. Whether you are a savvy social websites user or just starting out, you have to have at least a few active accounts and platforms by which to communicate and build relationships with your audience. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs are excellent tools.

If you are new to social websites, begin with building up just several accounts. Learn how to make use of them and remember being consistent. Keep in mind up your eyes and goals on your company as well because the specific objectives you've got for each platform.

Different social websites networks can do different things for you personally, therefore it is important that you choose and utilize them accordingly. For example, Facebook is a great place to update people in your latest events or product releases, also to give personalized messages for a followers. LinkedIn, on the other hand, can be a professional networking site, what's best suited toward business oriented communications and updates. But in both cases, the principle goal is usually to socialize and connect online websites in your niche so start building your brand.

Engage with People

As you develop your internet sites, remember the ultimate goal: connecting with individuals. Use the Internet to engage with your audience. Build a following on Facebook or Twitter and engage with those users.

Respond straight to comments and tailor your platforms) for a audience. People like people. Give your business and your company a person face by engaging with other people personally. The more you connect with folks on a personal level, the easier it will be to develop your brand and expand online.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to establishing and looking after a strong online presence. Even in case you have ten different online platforms out of which to communicate, in the event you aren’t regularly active on them,, you'll not be able to gain any traction for the brand. Posting for a blog, website, and social websites networks frequently will establish your web presence and authority like nothing else.

To enable you to accomplish what may seem to get an overwhelming task, tools including Buffer and Post Planner can automate you in advance, and will be used across multiple platforms). That way you don’t need to panic about coming up with updates and articles daily. Instead, you can simply schedule a queue of statuses to be automatically updated at certain times.

Once you've got gathered a considerable following, you can also track as soon as your audience is most active on sites. Then you can tailor your site content to update during high-traffic periods inside the day when your statuses are most likely to become seen (and shared).

Always take into account your original vision and identity. Make sure your voice is consistent across all platforms. Even though you should tailor a dark tone for the particular site you might be using (e.g. Twitter vs. LinkedIn), your present identity must be easily recognized and distinguishable from others.

Get Real

Finally, be real with individuals. People notice when you are not being authentic or genuine - and I promise, they don’t like it. So remember not to get too caught up with your own “branding” mission for forget the whole point of the project: to connect with other people.

Don’t hesitate to have an opinion, dispose off a little controversy, or try taking some risks. You certainly wish to avoid offending or alienating your audience, nonetheless it doesn’t hurt to share your opinion and have a dialogue going. The more genuine you might be, the greater people will trust and respect you (along with your brand) - even if they may not go along with everything you say. In the end, this authenticity will demonstrate through within the ways you interact together with your customers and audience online, and build a loyal following behind your company name.

Author Byline:

Drew Kobb, in addition to studying civil law, loves international calls running and considers himself a health and fitness enthusiast. His interests range all over from medicine to business, and that he finds inspiration from successful entrepreneurs like Rick Schaden.

DST Contributor

DST Contributor

YouTube For Android & iOS Gets In-App Floating Video, Continuous Playback & More

YouTube’s latest update to its smartphone app may possibly not have the lengthiest changelog you are going to ever see, nevertheless the changes are pretty big nonetheless. In addition to obtaining a new icon on both platforms, the app is currently capable of permitting you to navigate your bank account without stopping video playback. This means that the YouTube app finally allows you to minimize videos, to ensure searching and browsing different areas of the service becomes possible. The miniaturized version of videos is reminiscent with the VideoPane tweak we covered recently. Of course, the playback stops in case you exit the app, but within YouTube, you're able to do anything you want without risking interruptions. The Android variant of the app has undergone several design improvements, while the long-awaited continuous playback option continues to be added to playlists also. To top things off, the app now has a new logo.

YouTube iOS Flaoting YouTube iOS Cont Playlist

The thing containing always helped me access YouTube from a web browser, in lieu of its app, was the app’s inability to multitask. You had to stop a video and get off its page whenever you needed to search for a brand new video, and you couldn’t just open a fresh tab inside app. The problem has finally been solved by the rather clever ‘picture-in-picture’ mode in YouTube. While watching videos, simply hit the arrow icon located in its top-left corner, or drag the playback quality frame downwards. This reveals the page you are previously on, and after that, you'll be able to go anywhere from the app. Any time a fresh video is picked, the minimized the first is closed automatically. To manually result in the docked video vanish entirely, swipe it to the left with the screen.

The Android app has brought a major design overhaul, with a really slick card-based UI built as outlined by Google’s latest design philosophy. Up until now, an incredible hindering factor for users in the YouTube app was the possible lack of continuous playback for playlists. There are even separate services targeted at providing users with just this functionality, which shows the importance playlists have inside whole YouTube experience. At long last, you are able to really enjoy playlists on your own iPhone or Android, with thanks to the ‘Play All’ button included with each playlist for the service. Even during playback, it really is pretty simple to switch between videos by showing up in the arrows each and every end from the player, or using the menu that occurs when the you hit their list button. Also, for both platforms, you can now hunt for playlists as well, in addition to videos.

YouTube Android Redesign YouTube for Android Update

The YouTube update may be rolled out simultaneously on iOS and Android, so just grab the spectacular new app by heading to the link below.

Install YouTube from App Store

Install YouTube from Google Play Store

Read YouTube For Android & iOS Gets In-App Floating Video, Continuous Playback & More by Hamza Khalid on

#ConnectTheWorld – Bringing Internet To All

#ConnectTheWorld - Bringing Internet To All

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO/Founder) carries a mission of making internet access accessible to the next 5 billion people with, a worldwide partnership between technology leaders, nonprofits, local communities and professionals who are working together to create the internet on the two thirds with the world’s population that doesn’t get it. brings together Tech leaders- Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Qualcomm and Samsung with a goal of creating internet access offered to two-thirds with the world who are not yet connected, and to take the same the possiblility to everyone how the connected third in the world has today. will focus on three key challenges in developing countries:

#1 Making internet access affordable

#2 Using data more efficiently

#3 Helping businesses drive access

But before criticizing the fact how the rest from the world is suffering for food shortage, is making internet available to them than food. Educating people thru internet might help solve poverty, that’s the one big problem facing the two-thirds of the world now. Many of these individuals are not educated by utilizing computer or mobile phone device. I suggesting not to just make internet connection available to them, but get them to also educated for utilizing this technology. This organization was obviously a good idea, to create one of us linked to each other. I’m looking forward for educating people who have this technology for their own productivity.

In the approaching weeks, it'll feature interviews with technology leaders and experts, with the latest news for the initiative’s activities.


Professional Gaming & How You Can Build A Career In It

If you follow professional gaming, you probably heard about the DOTA 2 gaming championship where 16 teams of the entire world’s best DOTA 2 players battle for any share greater than US$2.8 million. The champion, Swedish team, Alliance, takes 50 % of that sum through the 5-day event located in Seattle.

Even prior to the US (recently) recognized gamers as pro-athletes, there have been a number of other high-paying tournaments for hardcore players that are into Starcraft 2, Counter Strike and League of Legends (LoL). And age is no limit - big sporting events like these are becoming ever so fashionable as professional gamers as young as 13 begin competing at a professional level.

The International
(Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

For parents who are saying that "you can’t play video games to get a living", well, you can thank the folks behind the scenes who work so hard for the rest of the globe to take pro-gaming more seriously. Apart in the prize money along with the fame, internationally recognized players are now able to gain a US P-1 visa which is usually reserved for sports players. These visa holders usually stays and earn a salary while ‘playing’ in the US.

The approach to becoming a pro-athlete however takes a huge selection of man-hours of practice, skill, determination and teamwork. It is hardly a walk in the park. Here are 10 basic tips to start you off around the path of becoming a pro-gramer.

Future Of Gaming: 5 Exciting Emerging Trends

1. Know The Jargon

Not necessarily the first thing to do but it is one in the more important ones, are aware that there is a lot of jargon linked to multiplayer games, and it’s not merely limited to Internet speak. Game jargon varies, based on the games you play.

For example in MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games like DOTA 2, League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth, you'll find terms like stun, hex/voodoo, disable, lane, neutrals/jungle or ancients.

First person shooter (FPS) players also give unique names to spots or areas on the map. This allows your teammates to understand the whereabouts of enemy players. Competitive gaming rely a good deal on strategy and fast and effective communication using your team mates.

2. Practice Against AI Or Bots First

Many competitive multiplayer games today let you practice against Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Bots (Robots). If you’re still learning the ins and outs of the game while attempting to catch up with everybody else, this is a good place to start.


You will be able to select a problem and practice on easier modes before trying harder ones. It is also a fantastic place to get the hang of your controls and game user interface without having to think of where it is all totally. It may feel like a boring task but the karate kid had slow "wax on, wax off" beginnings. If it helps, consider it as investing time into figuring out how to survive longer for the battlefield.

3. Play And Learn Together

Next up, play with real people. And who safer to start storming the battlefield with, than together with your friends. That’s the best part about multiplayer games as it pretty much functions as a social gathering of sorts over the Internet another night.

Playing with friends also means you are able to quickly study the game together by offering each other advice or by sharing your experiences. Who knows, additionally, it can be in which you form your team of similarly skilled gamers.

(Image Source: Penny Arcade)

Gaming might not be all about fun, it could possibly get intense you need to include arguments or disagreements, but that is what you experience from knowing your teammates’ style of inside out. In the long run, it helps to know that you have finally assembled a team which will watch your back when that is certainly quintessential to winning.

4. Watch Professionals Play

You is only able to get just like your imagination can let you, so sometimes you need inspiration from the ones who've been there, done that. Watching professionals play lets you learn how the advantages do it, how their complex teamwork and techniques work, watch their key twitch and split decision-making for action, tricks, ploys plus much more lessons that will help make or your break your gameplay.

The good news is, many pro-gamers allow the planet to watch where did they play live, made possible with live streaming. The number one site to watch these pros for action is on However, YouTube is another good destination to learn a casino game, a lot more in-depth.

Other times, as an alternative to watching someone play, you'll be able to opt for tutorials and guides where YouTubers explain what’s happening. You can also find walkthroughs of single player games on YouTube if you’re stuck at a level.

5. Do What You Do Best

If you want to be serious, there should be specialization of skills. Even though you can find a lot of characters, weaponry and classes which might be individually unique in a each game, it really depends on what combination you love it playing with the most.

This includes gameplay for the field, whether it’s seen the map, jumping headlong into the heat of the action, doing nothing to farm gold or just being the support member in the team.

(Image Source: HDwallsize)

You can find fun in each and every aspect of a game but to be a real awesome team player, be really, great at what you do, especially one material have a knack for, and find other same-spritied players to participate you and fortify your team.

6. Get Some "Gaming" Gear

It can be really frustrating to be the heat of battle to find yourself losing due to faulty hardware. There is a reason why brands like Razer, SteelSeries, CM Storm and Logitech have gaming gear that could tear an opening in your pocket.

They are built for gameplay: durable, responsive, accurate and overall will improve your gameplay and improve game performance. That’s definitely worth purchasing.

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Razer Ouroboros
(Image Source: Razer Ouroboros)

Gaming peripherals have high-quality hardware this look good. While you can start with cheaper alternatives, know that gamers can't live without their gear, and take it from them that hardware plays a tremendous role in reducing errors when it's in heated battle.

7. Search For Tips, Tricks and Guides

Watching people play means you are able to closely watch their movements, but this doesn’t provide you with information about the many other things going on inside their head. Part of understanding the mechanics with the game is usually to read about it, study it in-depth.

Tips and Tricks

The internet is an incredible source for more information in-depth things of just about any game. We’re referring to knowledge about the characters, their skills, their moves with weapons, their armory, the playing field plus much more. No one stated it was going to the simple, but the work may be well worth it to win games. Once you learn what each character are capable of doing, you won’t get caught off guard so easily.

8. Learning From hack-Free Experience

No one turns pro overnight, even professional gamers need to practice and train for hours a day - check out their live stream to secure a feel of the gaming an entirely day feels as though. Consistent gameplay and charting your progression regarding team performance might actually help build towards a gaming career.

Take every win and loss like a challenge to improve your gameplay but it’s vital that you enjoy the game for what it is. If you ever end up needing to turn to hacks, don’t. While you could be thinking about using hacks to advance hanging around, it isn’t actually a good step, mostly because you’re "not playing" the overall game anymore.

Pro-gamers are gamers who fully understand the game and exploit its mechanics (without hacks) on their advantage. It’s also the reason many other fellow gamers respect their determination to climb their way to the top, hack free. Stay away from hacks and get involved in it the right way.

9. Customize Settings For Performance

This is definitely an extension from #6. Games may be very graphically demanding and may require you to have a very high-performance computer to be able to enjoy its an immersive gameplay. However, it’s ok in case you don’t possess a beefy computer. All you have to do is lower the graphic settings to ensure you have smoother gameplay during intense clashes.

Low Graphics
(Image Source: Starcraft II Benchmark - Low Settings)

Don’t worry of the items others might think with the ugly graphics, pro-gamers undertake it all the time. They need fewer "beautiful" features because they’re not there for your. To them, the correct actions are what matters. Taking the load off of the machines means less distractions anyways, and performance.

10. Be nice to everyone

As competitive mainly because it can enter the gaming arena, everyone’s there to try out. Even if it's there to win, everyone is still looking for any good game. Don’t ruin the atmosphere with senseless verbal brutality, particularly if you are new to the overall game.

Being nice to strangers can get you far, find a fellow player to brave the tough training sessions ahead and a few of them can teach you a thing or two about how you can master the sport faster and much better. Don’t have friends to take into a game title? Make some from it.

If you’re playing on a local server, you may have the chance to make new (true to life) friends too, because not every people about the Internet could be unhealthy and shady - just tread properly when it comes to sharing private information online. May the most effective player win!

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