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How to Pop Out Videos In Firefox

popvideo-thumbThe downside to watching videos inside your browser is that it prevents you against multi-tasking, i.e. do other work before the the video. You often need to remain in the present tab and finished watching it before you can resume your projects in another browser tab. While you can pull out the tab to load in a new window, it is just a troublesome process and the video always don’t scale well. What if you can actually pop out videos to windows that belongs to them so you can watch it and do other items at the same time? Wouldn’t that do well?

PopVideo is an easy extension for Firefox that would you thing and achieved it well - it pops out video to a different resizeable window to help you keep it around the corner while working on other stuff.


The usage really is easy. After you've got installed it, if you hover your mouse over any video, you will see a blue video icon at the pinnacle right corner of the recording.


Simply visit this icon and the video will take off onto its very own window. As you resize your window, the video will resize itself too, so that you can adjust it to the perfect width that doesn't distract you against your work.

Once you've popped out the playback quality, the first video will probably be replaced with a placeholder image. When you visit this placeholder image, the popped out window will close and the playback quality will be restored towards the original window/tab. One thing though, it doesn’t resume the video to that you stopped previously for the popped out window.

For the PopVideo configuration option, you may get it to save lots of the number of play background and whether there should simply be one popup window at any time. You can also get it to close the main tab when it is popped out.


The good thing about PopVideo is that it supports Adblock Plus and FlashBlock too. So if you might have those extensions installed, you can view your popped out videos without ads and save your time, bandwidth and frustration.

I have tried PopVideo on various video sites, for example Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo,, Tudou and videos which can be embedded on sites. They all worked perfectly. As long as it can detect videos element around the page, it will probably be able to pop it out.

PopVideo is often a useful extension for regular video watchers. If you are learning from online courses, this extension will do well as it lets you watch it and apply everything you learnt concurrently. I am sure you will find lots of ways to generate good utilization of this extension. Try it and let us know if it really works.


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